Author's Note: Yes, I do realize that there are some parallels between several other literary works and my own. As will be seen later, many of my theories on vampires are based upon those of Anne Rice but I do make them my own with several changes.

She'd always been a lonely girl, the type that kept everyone out while allowing them to think that they knew her down to the very last detail. People thought she was happy, but if she was so happy why did she come home every night and think about taking every drug there was in the kitchen cabinet? Few people knew about that. The few that did know thought all that she wanted was attention. She didn't want that, not at all. She didn't want to die either. She just couldn't see past her own problems to a solution. She wanted to be able to let people in and she wanted to be able to be loved. She had no problem loving, which only increased her pain. She could recount, in chronological order, the name of every man that has ever hurt her. This is why she was so glad when high school was finally over. She didn't have to bother with the immature people any longer, or so she thought.

She hadn't come from a very wealthy family; they couldn't afford to pay her tuition at a private school, so she had to go to a local state college. She didn't mind so much, she figured something would come along to ruin her dreams and that it did. She wasn't surprised by it, hardly even phased by it. She wishes things could've been different, but what good is dwelling on the past?

She began college with an optimistic outlook. She was just glad that it wasn't high school anymore. There would be none of that immaturity and finally people would see her for what she was on the inside and not what she was on the outside. She wasn't very physically attractive. She was a bit overweight; she had unruly hair and she simply had a plain face. There was no getting around it. She had never minded her appearance until she realized that was why no man or boy, for that matter, had ever loved her.

All of the ideas she held about college were wrong. After being there for about a month with no friends to show for her efforts, let alone someone that could love her, she realized how very wrong she'd been. College was no different from high school to her, except there were more drunks because they no longer have to return to their parent's home or make some excuse for not coming home that night just to get smashed.

As the end of the first semester was drawing near, she began to slip further into the depression she had thought she'd escaped from. She was so afraid because she had come so close to death in the past and she did not want that again. But what could she do? It was her fragile mental state that kept causing her problems. Unless she sought professional help, there was nothing that could be done.

All of these feelings emanating from this woman who was yet a child in many, many ways brought the attentions of a creature resembling a man. The creature having the telepathic abilities that his species is known for, he had often heard the inward cries and the sad thoughts of this girl, this woman. He'd first seen her three or four years ago, upon sensing a heart not unlike his own. The heart cried out for the love of a boy that had denied her. This creature had later deemed the boy unworthy of her affections. But, no, now was not the time to make himself known to her, else he would've taken her from that place right then and there. He watched her relive the sadness over and over again throughout the years, fighting with himself to keep from stealing her away. He did not understand what was wrong with this young woman. She was under the impression that she was a being not beautiful enough to be noticed by men at all. No, no, no. Perhaps her form was not flawless, but to him she was perfect as she was. One had only to look at her to understand. The warmth that poured from those dark brown eyes, the intelligence found there, the way she smiled when something surprised her, her laughter, the precious tears that spilled from her eyes. The man wished he matched every tear that she cried with a kiss.

He did know exactly how she felt. Were he the type to often cry, this creature would have thousands of times over due to a woman he had once loved. Just the thought of her brought back a smile and a grimace at the time spent together. When she was a mortal, the woman was splendid. Once she became one of them, she changed for the worse and barely looked at him. The creature banished these thoughts from his mind and brought himself back to the present.

He was standing in the girl's dormitory room. She was alone again, sleeping to the sound of some soft music. The creature liked it. He had no worries of making any noises that may wake his young angel. The powers associated with his species allowed him to make relatively no noise and to move at a speed that prevented most from seeing him break into this room.

He approached her bed and smiled, reaching out to brush a curly brown lock of hair from her face but halting before touching her. The position of the shade covering the window allowed a sliver of moonlight to wash upon her young face. She smiled. The creature felt such overwhelming joy to see her smile. She must be dreaming he thought. Though he had the power to, he would never invade her dreams. He barely took the liberty to invade her thoughts, only when she was terribly upset did he allow himself to do such a thing.

Suddenly the girl rolled over, so she was facing the creature. He backed away instinctively. When she came to rest in one position again, he let himself rest on the edge of the bed, moving very slowly so she would not notice his presence there. He finally allowed himself the pleasure of stroking her hair lovingly. Soon he thought soon I will be able to reveal myself to you.

The creature had let his guard drop. He had stopped paying attention to the sleeping form beside him. Slowly her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him. She smiled warmly at him, as though she knew him. Upon seeing this, the man swiftly hid knowing it would be impossible to leave the room without her noticing.

A soft female voice rose from the other side of the room, "Hello?" Then her beautiful laughter. "It was only a dream. Oh, what a dream. If only I could find a man that handsome sitting over me." She rolled over, clutching a stuffed creature to her. Slowly, her pattern of breathing returned to the one that humans adopt while sleeping.

The creature waited a few moments longer to be sure that she had, indeed, fallen asleep again. He approaches her and lays a light kiss on her forehead. He whispers as he leaves "Until tomorrow night, then, my beloved." It did not hit the creature until he was walking away from the building that she had smiled upon seeing him. She had even called him handsome. He wanted to laugh, he wanted to cry, he wanted to run yelling through the streets of the campus. Staying true to his quite often composed self, he did none of those. He simply smiled as he walked away from her.