PLACE: In the Institution

(The story begins with two teenagers, a Boy and Girl, with a baby in their hands, both running for their lives. The people chasing them were getting closer. The Girl trips, she is too weak to go on, mostly because she just had a baby. The Boy stops.)

BOY: Sandra!

GIRL: You go without me Brett, I don't think I can make it!

BOY: Are you crazy?! I can't go! And leave you here!

GIRL: You must! Take her!

BOY: What about you?

GIRL: No matter what they do to me I'll find a way back to you. I promise! Now take her!

( The Boy is reluctant to leave his love, and he realizes he doesn't have that much time as he hears the people get closer. He bends down and takes the baby and kisses the Girl and says on the verge of tears)

BOY: I love you!

( He runs away. The people reach the girl and start to pull her away, the Girl kicks and scream as she's being carried off. Then we see a little sickly boy, not much older than eleven, watching at a distance. He reaches down to pick up a necklace with a crystal attached to it, left behind by the girl. The boy smiles to himself)