PLACE: On the side of a back road

(Cameron parks his car on the side of the road. Cameron looks at Crystal who is very shaken by the previous events. Cameron's cell phone rings)


CYAN: Hello Cameron

CAMERON: What do I do now? I mean, where do I take her? Am I suppose to drop her off somewhere?

CYAN: Yes…in New York

CAMERON: What! New York! Are you kidding me! I can't drive all the way to New York! Not with her!

CRYSTAL: I am not going to New York! Can somebody explain this to me! I'm a little lost here! Hello?

CYAN: Let me get one thing straight with you, Cameron, you see that girl sitting in your car? From now on you are not to let her out of your sight, not even for a second!

CAMERON: I don't want to baby-sit a teenage girl!

CYAN: You have too! They're after her and they'll stop at nothing to get her back! You don't know what you're dealing with here! This girl is not just any normal girl, this girl has the capability to destroy beyond your imagination! Now don't get frightened it's not like she on the verge of it, it hasn't awakened in her yet…but if they get her it will and all hell will break loose.

CAMERON: Does she know?

(Cameron says in almost a whisper looking over at Crystal)

CYAN: No, she doesn't. I don't want her to know. You see, Cameron, she's strong but she's emotionally unstable. If she ever found out it would destroy her.

CAMERON: She looks okay to me

CYAN: Looks can always be deceiving. Put her on the phone.

(Cameron walks over to Crystal and hands her the phone)

CRYSTAL: Who's on the line?

CAMERON: You'll find out.


CYAN: Hello yourself, Crystal, I know this sounds very confusing to you and I don't blame you.

CRYSTAL: Who are you?

CYAN: Cyan Crowe. We met before, a long time ago but you were too young to remember. Everything going to be all right and Cameron's a nice guy, trust me, you're in good hands. If you're good I'll buy you that Tiffany's tennis bracelet you've always wanted.

(Crystal's eyes popped open from shock)

CRYSTAL: How did you know?!

CYAN: Bye!

(Cyan hangs up. Crystal puts the phone down and looks at Cameron)

CAMERON: He's psychic.

(Cameron answers instead)

CRYSTAL: What do mean "he's psychic"?

CAMERON: Don't test him; he knows everything.

(Cameron walks back to the car)

CRYSTAL: Where are you taking me?

CAMERON: Why do you want to know?

CRYSTAL: I have a right to know where I'm going

CAMERON: You're going to someplace safe

CRYSTAL: What if I don't want to go?

CAMERON: You have no fucking choice

CRYSTAL: I'll call the police

CAMERON: The police won't help you, trust me

CRYSTAL: Not if my life depended on it!

(She says walking away)

CAMERON: Get in the car

CRYSTAL: No! I don't have to do as you say

CAMERON: Where the hell are you going to go?

CRYSTAL: I'm going home! If I were you I would leave before I charge you for kidnapping.

CAMERON: Oh, come on! You got into my car, if it wasn't for me…

CRYSTAL: Yes, and I thank you for that, but I can't go away, not now! I have finals next week not to mention junior prom! I can't leave! I have a life unlike you! I'm sorry but I can't go your little road trip!

(She said interrupting him)

CAMERON: Shit, I fucking stuck with Marsha Brady

(Cameron mumbled quietly)

CRYSTAL: Excuse me! What did you just say?

CAMERON: Nothing. I know you have your little personal agenda, but you see this is more important than your "Rah, Rah!" California, cheerleader life. You can't go back, you saw what they tried to do to you! If you went home that'd be like stepping into a trap! Do you want "them to get you!

CRYSTAL: First of all I am not a cheerleader! Second, how dare you talk to me like that way!

CAMERON: I can talk to you any way I want, sweetheart. Now get in the car!

CRYSTAL: No, I won't! Not now! Not ever! …You can't make me!

(She challenged)


PLACE: On a highway

(Crystal is pouting in the car while Cameron is driving)

CRYSTAL: I hate you!

CAMERON: And I love you too!

CRYSTAL: Go to hell!

CAMERON: You first!

CRYSTAL: What is it you want from me huh? Is it money? I'm not rich you know!

CAMERON: What makes you think a Porsche owner, like me, would need money?

CRYSTAL: For all I know you could of stolen it.

CAMERON: No, actually it was a birthday present.

CRYSTAL: Whatever you say…

(There's silence between them for a while)

CAMERON: I need to get some gas

(He pulls his car over to the nearest gas station)

CRYSTAL: I have to use the bathroom

CAMERON: Fine by me

(As Cameron starts to pump gas the cell phone rings. Crystal runs into the mini mart. Instead of heading to the bathrooms she goes to the payphones and inserts money and starts dialing...)

To be continued...

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