Author's Note: hello! I bid you welcome. There's a melody that I was listening to when this came into my head and I wanted to tell you about it in case you wish to hear it (it's quite pretty;  makes the poem sound more surreal, actually). Here's the site: or if it isn't zodiacs, it should be the 3D themes or something. (My evil computer's sound isn't working at the moment so I can't hear it for myself to tell you for certain, my apologies!)

In a far off galaxy

Among a star-struck jubilee

Of novas bursting in the night

And gallant stars in south-bound flight,

There winds a path of glint and spark

That blinds the sun and slits the dark

And, twisting back and forth, cuts through

The corals, purples, pinks and blues

Of mountain clouds on either side

Where soft-toned angel-doves abide

To sigh sweet strains of ghostly song

For travelers who pass along;

Upon which path on gallant steed

With music floating on the breeze

And eyes transfixed in sightless mode,

Through this placid, sweet abode

            We rode.

I'm going to update this one more time this week, and then once a week from now on (just in case you're wondering; it drives me crazy when I'm following something and I don't know when the next chapter's coming out…kinda like the 5th Harry Potter book, yes?). Comments would be treasured! J