A/N: OK I wrote this 04/09/02 (in other words the 4th of september) in memory of september 11. When the nightmares had returned because of all the stuff on the tv... The scary thing is I wrote asking for another that there isn't another day like sept. 11 and I wrote it 1 month and 8 days before the Bali Bombing...

One year ago
Was that unforgettable night
When I walked into the room
And saw that dreadful sight.

I saw the planes collide
And the buildings collapse
Unknown to me were the
Thousands of innocent trapped.

I asked "What's Happened?"
The response shocked me
"There's been an accident,
A plane into the WTC"

I went to sleep
With the truth unknown
When I woke mum informed
Of the terror the TV had shown.

As we sit here tonight
And remember that day
My vision is filled with the sight
The nightmares return and I want to scream.

I wasn't there
I was home and safe
But it made even us aware
Of the terror in store.

So say a prayer
For those who weep
Pray for those who died
And their souls to keep.

And that there is not another day
That rocks this world
And brings us terror…
It's the only way.

Loved ones were lost
Worlds were destroyed
Millions it will cost
To fix this world for you.

The death toll rose
Thousands were lost
The goes to show
What a day like 9/11 can do.