A.N: Poem about suicide. Read and Review please.


The one word that stared

Back at her from the computer

The poetry she wrote, no one cared

Unable to conform

Standing out from the herd

A 'freak' for her personality

Smart, she's a 'nerd'


But she still smiles

Teased until ignored

The abuse goes for miles

She doesn't know why they chose her

She doesn't want them to see her cry

She doesn't know why they're cruel

She wonders this, looking into the night sky

She types up her final story

Closes up the program and clicks on save

Wonders about the torture

Why she wants to catch the popularity wave

Rereads her favorite book

Wishes Mitt was real

Prepares for her way out

So tired of this deal

Listens to the CD

Wants to hear him sing

Turns up so loud

Her ears begin to ring

Watches her favorite movie

Called by others a cult classic

Everyone thinks it's weird

She calls it (in a Boho sort of way) magic

Walks into the kitchen

Grabs the knife from the shelf

No one to see her

It's midnight-she's by herself

Lights up a candle

Turns off the light

The glow of the computer

Eerily bright

Takes a deep breath

Hopes her choice is right

Thanks God for letting her be here

Up until this night

Pushes the knife

The last word that she can see

'Untitled' on the computer

And that's all she'll ever be

A.N.: Okay, I am NOT SUICIDAL! Some people do call me a freak for being the way I am though, so this was just me channeling that into poetry. I feel much better now. Read, Review, Review Again!

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