***That was the end of the story I think. I was thinking about writing a sequel with their children, but if I do that will be a while later. So did anyone even read it? Are we all too busy to give me a word or two? So you probably noticed that I changed my pen name...Emberleigh instead of being a number. Right now I'm working or better yet trying to work on another story. It'll be in a different point of view and with a totally different plot and all. So you guys have to stay with me and read that one too.

Oh I have some news that I just have to share. I know I wrote about my ex and all the crap that he did. Well it turns out that the bastard got his new girlfriend pregnant. The funny thing is that he was a "virgin." His new thing is a month a half along. We've been broken up for about that long. So either he cheated on me or that right after they had a bootie call. It made me laugh when I heard. Now he's getting all the things he didn't want. It's karma for all the crap that he did to me and put me through. It's all good though even though I am a bit pissed off by the fact. I don't know if he cheated on me or not. That's the only bad part about it. Oh and I can't say I wish him the best because...well because I don't.

So go ahead and tell me all about the things you thought about my story. I'm open to hear it all even if it's bad. Please don't let it be bad. I don't like bad. I guess as long as constructive critism than it's all good. Okay thanks...Emberleigh.***