Wounds That Kill

That's right
That's fine
Don't fight
Don't cross the line.

Leave me here to my own defense
Keep going don't break the suspense

You weren't there when I needed you
You turned around and faced the other way
Ignored every word I said too,
Don't worry you'll get yours one day.

How could you not stop it huh?
You stand up for your kids, DUH!

Every day I aske why you didn't stand up
Let it go on like you didn't give a fuck.
Let me tell you all right now
I'm gonna make it end, don't aske how

Slip on through the gate
Look around: investagate
Quater till eight
Don't be late

You'll never get to say goodbye
So don't even bother asking why
Really hate ya so I gotta go.

I know that I'm gonna stand beside me
I'm gonna stick around
I don't need to make myself see
I would let me get shoved in the ground

I asked for help and you turned away
And this happened almost every day
Stop livin' in the past you say
You would to if you saw it my way.

Beat up everyday,
Not even mom saw it my way,
Dad to fuckin scared bout where we'd stay
Hope the aunt never see's the light of day.

Busted with desperation
Knocking on her door
the bitch turns around
Kick her to the floor.
Guarntee you won't see her anymore.

I'll disappear
You won't see me here
Don't waste your fear
just look in the mirror

When you're old and all alone
And realize you aint got a home
And you want to atone
Don't bother with the phone

You won't find me.
You never will
Inflicted on me
wounds that kill