Final Goodbye

Tears form behind my eyes.

Pain forms in my heart.

You gave me a puzzle,

I couldn't figure out.

I said I was sorry,

Now I am even more.

The pain swells,

Consuming me.

Tears run down my cheeks,

No one notices.

That love and kindness dissolves.

Hate and revenge take over my being.


I can't even look at you,

That's how much it hurts.

I thought you cared,

What a joke!

Now I live in sadness,

Those same tears of worry I cried for you.

Fall endlessly down,

Not for you,

For me.

I can't sleep it hurts.

I'm still trying,

To figure out what you want of me.

Just so you know,

I love you,

You showed me much.

But that love is slipping away.


Just like me.

You said I caused you pain?

Look what you've done to me.

What if I died tomorrow?

Would you care?

I hope you understand,

I tried to help you,

You tried to help me.

It didn't work,


For this is my final goodbye,

To you.