by: LuWanda Battise Cockrell

There is no treasure as precious as the gift of a loving, Christian mother,

whose heart is filled with gifts God has given no other.

Her manner so sweet, so precious and kind,

stays within our hearts, our souls, our minds.

Many days, she gave of herself, never giving her ownself, one thought,

And all 'we' did was take her gifts for nought.

Her love shone brighter than any star could ever shine,

I know God looked at my Mama, and said 'she is mine.'

For He watched her love for her children and heard her pray,

diligently asserted, every night and day.

Never taking a thought for herself, her welfare.

As she so willingly gave of herself in our constant care.

Through the passage of time, her life began to slip away,

and many just pushed her aside, and went their own way.

She gave of her heart so blessed and true,

it pierced her heart and rended it in two.

Her prayers for her children though, would never cease,

giving her a confident measure of God's peace.

Knowing that God would answer her unending prayer,

That her children would be saved, and kept in God's care.

It is so true, the story of my Mother,

that the Lord blessed us with our precious Mama, one like no other

Her body so weak, in pain, without cease,

The Lord showed mercy and blessed her with eternal peace.

She selflessly gave of herself day to day,

No matter what the situation, she wouldn't let it get in her way.

So many of us take for granted our loved ones will always be near,

Never let a day pass without saying 'I love you' to those we hold dear.