I made the first poem you read. This one combines my poem and my friends' hata poems into one big one.

The Hata (Group) By Monique, Shelia, and Latrice(me)



That four-letter word you say

As I pass you in the hallway

I want to turn around and scream bitch!

Instead I keep my head up and continue to switch

Because I don't want to sink so low

There is one word to describe you though


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Hate me because your boyfriend thinks I am

Don't hate me because I'm truthful

Hate me cuz I'm all that and a bag of chips

Hate me because you envy the way

That confidence spews from my lips

Don't hate cuz I left your level

Do hate me cuz I've been gone

Hate me because you'll never travel to the level that I'm on


That four-letter word that describes you so well

Like fire describes hell and ring, ring describes cell

And you describe hello and I say go to hell

Cuz you hate and you taunt

Cuz you want me to fail

I hope the kick you off this island and drag you from the sail

Till the words you expel

Is full of salt

Cradled at the back of your mouth like hail

That falls from the sky to form frozen water so you'll choke and die

But, but, but

I promised myself I wouldn't go that far

Like running you over with a screeching car

Since I have better things to do

Than to fuck around with you

Although you do need to get a clue

There's only one word to describe you

And it fits you best

Like calm fits rest

And worry fits test

And you fitting in the back of my car when I don't feel like dealing with your hating mess

You'll be hated forever

Forever, forever, forever

I know there are many reasons to hate on me

And many more

I'm just saying if you gone hate

Know what's making you hate

And what you're hating for