I sat in my room. Staring at the ceiling. I was lost in thought. You were coming over tonight. I knew that it was gonna be "the" night. I started to giggle at how I put it. But I needed to focus. Focus on what I was to do. I had so many thoughts and ideas in my head I couldn't choose. I blushed when a few kinky thoughts flew by. I didn't want to do those......yet. I hope it's not awkward. I hope you don't think I'm bad. That I definetly didn't want to happen. I wanted you to feel mind-blowing pleasure. Ah, That's it I'll give you a blow-job. But come on just a blow-job. And what would I get out of that.


Shit! I hadn't thought what I was gonna do yet. Oh Shit, Oh Shit. Please let everything be ok. I walked to the door. My hands were starting to sweat. I reached for the doorknob. I turned it slowly. Letting my body get some fresh air before I couldn't breathe. I finally opened the door. You were bent down tying your shoe. I stepped up to you. You lifted your head. It went under my skirt. I heard you gasp. Shit! I forgot to wear panties. I was blushing so bad now. I took a step back and you moved with me. We got in the door. You were still under my skirt. I closed the door quickly, freaking out in my head at what you was seeing. Yeah, Yeah I know you were gonna see it later. But now he's gonna think I'm a whore or something. My breath caught in throat when I felt something touch my lower lips.

It was your finger. You slid your finger along the slit but never entered. I was trying not to fall over. As desire was taking over my body. I felt your finger slip through and start to run over my clit. I was starting to get wet. I was so embaressed. But then I felt something ruff move over my clit. I lifted my skirt to see you head between my legs. Your tongue was now scraping against my entrance. My knees did buckle this time. You helped me. Laying me gently on the floor. Your tongue entered me. Swirling around rubbing against the opening. I looked down at you between pants. You had unzipped your jeans and pulled down your boxers. Your hand was pumping your shaft. I couldn't help but look. It was so erotic to see you pleasuring yourself. Your tongue felt great but I wanted, needed your cock in me.


Your tongue moved away from me. I groaned looking down at you. You were sitting between my legs. Holding your penis to my hole. I moaned and drove myself down. I was only able to get the head in. But I guess you liked it inside me. You moaned, starting to plunge into me. It hurt a little a first. But then it felt so good I couldn't help but cry out your name. I rose my hips to meet your thrusts. Trying to get all of you inside me. I couldn't get enough it felt so good. I felt you twitch inside me. I figured that you were gonna cum and I knew I wasn't far behind. I starting raising my hips higher and faster. I was laying there hoping you understood my slient cry for release.You were thrusting hard and deep. Your head fell back as you cried out my name. Your came deep within me. It felt so hot against my walls. I cried your name as I released.

You rolled us over so that I was laying on top of you. I didn't bother to detach myself from you. I smiled up at you. You smiled back. Oh how I wanted to ask you what you thought, felt, wanted. But I knew it would be stupid so I kept my questions to myself. You spoke

"So how was it?"



I winked at you and lowered my head to your chest. I listened to your heartbeat. It was slowly calming down. It was calming me down. I closed my eyes. Focusing on the steady beat. I drifted off to sleep. I had the best dream. It was a playback of what happened. I felt something move inside me. I giggled, I guess I wasn't the only one. I looked up to see your face beaming at me. We started to rock together. Staying together throughout the night.