I greet ye with peace of heart,
Merry meet, and merry part.
This tale I tell, I say, shall be
Of a warrior, great was she.
Her power and knowledge held awesome worth,
As did her name, she was of noble birth.
Our lady led a commendable life,
Fighting against those who caused pain and strife.
Her spiritual purity gave strength to her soul.
It was thought none could match her in all the world whole.
She did not fear death, for in God she did trust.
Our hero considered piety a must.
For years upon years, evil she did battle,
And over many miles did she travel.
Great tales of her were told and heard by all,
And too, many wondered when she would fall.
One day, in a vision, she was questioned by God,
And many of you here will surely find this odd.
Her greatest wish was asked by Him,
And so, she answered on a whim,
"World peace," she said, for she truly hated battle.
She fought to prevent people's slaughter like cattle.
And much to her surprise, God spoke to her again,
"You are one of the greatest of all mortal men.
Not only do you wish and dream and pray,
You go out and fight for it day after day,
Committing actions you hate for a world you truly love
This is indeed worthy of my attention from above."
A golden light surrounded her, and briefly she passed out.
And when she did awaken, in surprise she gave a shout
For she was young once again, you see.
God then said, "I bestow unto thee
Your youth once again, to defend this world you love."
And as he disappeared, she thanked Heaven above.
And so, to this day, she is keeping up the fight,
Denouncing evil and defending what is right.