Prologue Krissy ran to her father as he was drawing a picture. She looked closely at it and saw a beautiful field with many flowers, trees, and birds. "Daddy?" "Yes Pumpkin?" "What are you drawing?" "A happy future." Krissy looked in wonder as he kept on drawing. Then he drew a beautiful, tall tree in the center. Next to the tree was a girl that was in her low teens. "Who is she daddy?" "She resembles you in the future. With a happy life. I have to talk to you." "Yes Daddy?" "I don't mean to scare you but someday when I die you have to take my place." "What do you mean?" "Well. I have a special strength or in your case power. When I die it will come to you. If you have to you will protect people." Krissy stands back and says, "Like magic?" "Yes. It will not come to you until you need it. Also. when the time comes it will be granted to your closest friends too." "Why are you telling me this now!" "Now that you are eight I think you should know.just in case." Krissy gets kissed on the cheek as she starts to walk away. " not tell anyone until the days comes. Then you would only tell who I have granted." "How will I know that I will have the powers? How will I know which friends to tell? How." "Hush Krissy! You will know it all. believe me!" Krissy leaves the room in disbelief. She knew that her father must have been playing with her on count of that theirs no such thing as magic. About two months later her dad was leaving on a trip to New York. He was going for the whole weekend as he was leaving on Friday. She then watched her father drive away down the street. "Bye Daddy!" The next mourning she got out of bed as the phone was ringing. She ran to the door of her mother's room and saw her mother hysterically crying. Krissy just walked away and went into her room. Finally on Sunday her Grandparents and Mother sat her down on the couch. They all told her at once that during the night on Friday her father had a hard attack and had passed away.

Chapter One:

The day of truth

Krissy finds herself in this very dark room. "Daddy?" "Where are you?" "It is time my Pumpkin." Beep.beep.beep. "Wow! That was a weird dream! Could this mean. no it wasn't true!" Krissy then gets ready for school and goes out for the bus. "Hi Heather" "Hi Krissy" The bus pulls up and they get on. Krissy sits next to one her best friends named Chariece. "Hi Chariece! I had a weird dream last night about my dad!" "Are you still upset about him? It has been five years and now you are thirteen!" "So." "Nevermind" "I had a weird dream last night also," Chariece said. "What happened?" asked Krissy in wonder. "The dream was very strange. we were near a tall tree in the middle of this forest. It was you, me, and some guy with blond hair. We were searching for something.." " Like what?" "I don't know" Chariece said as she gazed through the window. They soon arrived at school and found Jessica waiting for them near the fence. Jessica was spacing out into the sky. It was as if she was mindless. Krissy and Chariece didn't say a word. Jessica looked confused and didn't even notice their arrival.