Chapter 3: Then they got to Krissy's house. They all stepped off the bus onto the road. Then they walked through the grass towards the house. Everything was fine for the rest of the day. Then it became night and everybody went home.

Krissy was very tired from such a strange day. She was ready to get some shut-eye. She was also eager to see if she would have another dream like the night before. Her mind was still puzzled of what she saw or what she heard.

" How did they have the same dream?"

" Was it coincidence?"

She just lay there on her bed thinking. She thought and thought until finally she just dozed off.

The next morning she awoke. It was now a Saturday. She couldn't remember if she had any dreams. She tried so hard to think if there was one but soon gave up.

" If I can't think of it I didn't have it!" She told herself.

Then her mom started pounding on her locked door.

"GET UP KRISSY! YOUR FRIEND IS HERE!!!" she screamed through the locked door.

"I'm up mom!!!"

She jumped out of bed and ran to get her clothes on. That's when she remembered it. a dream. she was in the woods with Chariece.

She finished getting ready and swung open her door. Chariece was standing there waiting.

"We have to talk," Chariece said eagerly.

"I know."

They left the house immediately and started walking towards the woods.

"The forest. You. Me." Krissy said.

"Yep. I knew it! We had the same dream."

" This is starting to get very scary. What is going on?" Chariece asked.

" I wish I knew." Krissy answered.

They arrived at the woods. The woods were very dark. That is not likely on a spring sunny day. They entered through the front into the first section.

They felt something go through their bodies. A chill up their backs. They both saw something in their minds. They both saw the field . the field which Krissy's dad had drawn long ago. Almost 5 years ago. They saw the field. The flowers. The birds. Also the tree. Oh yes, the biggest tree. The tree that stood tall in the center of the field. Forest surrounnded all of the field in every way. It was very bright for being in the middle of know where.

Then they snapped out of it. They looked around and realized that they were still in the first part of the forest.