Fairytale Princess

Oh fairytale princess, From dreams of old, Crown laden in black, Gowns silver and gold

Oh fairytale princess, Hold forth a silk hand, Be kissed by loyal subjects, And the darkness of the land

Oh fairytale princess, Dance swift and spin, With your handsome prince, And his eyes of sin

Oh fairytale princess. Please make this night last, Hold close your prince, You can't hide from the past,

Oh fairytale princess, You've started your fall, Tainted tears run silent, Twas a tale after all

Oh fairytale princess, With eyes soft and pale, Weep not for thy love, But for your lost fairytale

AN: sorry bout the layout, somthin weird happened and I don't know how to fix it. Anyways, I hope you liked this little introspective journey into what appears and what is there can be 2 totally different things. Please review, I love getting feedback on my poetry. Thanx! ^-^ -lil