Authors note: - Short and pointless, I wrote this 'cause I'm bored. Oh yeah and the two cop characters will probably pop up in other stories. Esma is known as the ice-bitch for a good reason. Ta.

Update: I went back and fixed a few really weird errors. Nothing other than that to say...


I'd been to many crime scenes in my life but this apartment made that all seem normal. Trash littered every square inch of the floor. It was pile up haphazardly and I could detect a twisted pattern to it. Magazines and newspapers were stacked side by side to one corner, after picking through it I could tell it was in perfect order by date. Pizza boxes; some empty others not, spilled over the table which was nothing more than a sheet of plywood held up by cinder blocks. Small paths cut through the mess leading to three key areas; the kitchen, couch and bedroom. I expected a foul smell to accompany such a mess but oddly almost any odor was absent. Though I could swear I could smell cinnamon.

My partner was standing beside three young men who sat on the multi-color couch. They were the reason we were in this dump, though I had no idea who was the actual resident. Each had their hands cuffed behind their backs. One kept giving me flirting looks; he had a pink and blue tri-hawk. Despite myself I found his smile attractive, even though he was pierced so many times I'd lost count. Beside him was a slightly younger much skinner man who had the tallest bluest mo-hawk I'd ever seen. He was smiling too but it was more innocent and not in the least amorous. Next to that one was our reason for being there. He had more warrants out for his arrest than I owned bras. Mostly minor offences but he'd been caught trafficking drugs which was the main reason we wanted him. I swear he looked like he was going to cry. The worst part was that he was a large burly young man who could easily be a line-backer for any professional football team.

I picked my way through the trash and arrived at my partner's side. We'd only worked together for a little over a year but I felt comfortable with him. He had warm friendly brown eyes that could easily slip into the perfectly cold cop stare. His hair was just as soft as it looked, short and a pleasant honey brown color. The whole home grown handsome look was topped off by his nicely bronzed skin. Yeah, I'm attracted to him but we worked together so we kept our relationship professional. No need to mess up our friendship with sex.

He sighed and stared down at the three men who all turned to look at him. It was strange how they moved as one. Creeped me out. The one with the mo-hawk suddenly spoke up. "So... Are you going to take us in?"

My partner eyed him with his trademark stern frown. "You did help hide a wanted man."

"Can I go though? I just came here to say hi. I didn't even know he was wanted." The pink and blue haired man said pointing his criminal friend.

"Now we don't know that." MacLeod, my partner said.

"I can vouch for him." The youngest of the three said with an even bigger warmer smile than ever.

MacLeod looked at my curious and I glared at the blue-haired kid. "No, all of you are coming with us."

His smile faltered. "Ok, I guess I'll just call up my lawyer when we get there."

"You have a layer?" I couldn't help but ask. He hardly looked like he could afford the dirty couch he was sitting on.

"Yeah! She works for Drake Law." The smile returned as he spoke.

Both my partner and I groaned. Drake Law was famous for winning just about any case they got their hands on. I'd actually never heard of one of their clients getting a harsh conviction. At worse they served some petty time and did community service.

"Can I use her too?" The tri-hawked one asked his friend.

"Yeah sure, she's nice!" He replied. "Just don't flirt with her, she's married."

If he hadn't of been giving me naughty eyes all evening that statement would have weirded me out, instead it made perfect sense. A sound caught my attention and I shifted my gaze from the three men to the floor. In one of the paths that cut through the room, namely the one coming from the bedroom a clear plastic ball rolled across the room. My partner turned to look as well and the three men joined our stare. Inside the little plastic ball a tiny white mouse furiously ran.

"Rat-Cakes!" The man in the middle said smiling.

"Rat-Cakes?" My and my partner asked as one. Neither of us could hold back the incredulous tone.

The ball paused as the mouse stood on its hind legs and looked around the room. I swear it looked right at us and began running towards us. It ran into a stack of books then backed up and attempted to go around the obstacle.

"Yeah, that's his name. Rat-Cakes." The blue-haired man nodded with a grin.

"Why in the hell would you name a mouse Rat-Cakes?" I said staring at the ball as it bumped and rolled its way to us.

"To be witty?" He replied in an uncertain voice.

It came to a stop at my foot and I could feel it banging against me. I leaned over and picked it up. The little mouse sniffed energetically at me through the ball. I had to admit it was cute, even though it was conspicuously male. The mouse tried to run but only succeeded in scrambling partially up the plastic wall.

My partner leaned over me, an easy feat for him considering he's freakishly tall. That is in comparison to me, I hated being short and I hated the fact that he's so much taller than me.

"It is cute." He said glancing down at me with a slight smile.

"It has a freakish name." I said gruffly.

"True but I think that makes it cuter." He chuckled and took the ball from me. "Here's your mouse."

He put the ball into the lap of the mo-hawked kid, who smiled cheerfully. "Thank you."

"Can you guy's uncuff me so I can put him back in his cage?" He looked at us both with such earnest eyes I knew my partner was swayed.

"Alright." MacLeod said in an attempt at an unsympathetic tone. He failed miserably but no one pointed it out.

"You better keep your eyes on him." I snapped stepped back, watching him uncuff the kid.

"I will." MacLeod said softly as he hauled the much skinner but surprisingly taller man to his feet. "Damn kid! Don't you eat?!"

"Sometimes." He answered with a wan smile.

I shook my head and watched the pair move into the bedroom. Shifting my gaze back to my left over suspects I gave them my best ice-bitch stare. The meaty-man flinched and sunk further into the couch. It appeared to have little effect on the other one though, he only smiled more. I had a feeling if I told him I was a lesbian it would only turn him on and I didn't want to deal with a stupid horny man all night.

"I'm Seth by the way." He said moving closer to me. I was happy that Beefy Large was between us.

"That's nice." I remarked dryly.

"And David is the one with the mouse, and this shade of a man beside me is Tim." He motioned to him with his shoulder.

"That's nice." I repeated.

"May I have your first name? Calling you Officer Vulgamott just sounds funny." He kept smiling pleasant and acting like his spineless friend wasn't there.

"Fine call me Esma." I folded my arms under my breasts and glared at him.

"Is it short for anything?" Seth asked.

"No." I snapped.

MacLeod finally came out of the bedroom with the re-handcuffed young man. "You have a lot of rodents." He was saying.

David nodded. "I rescue and breed rats and mice."

"Maybe I should buy a mouse off of you; my sister would love one as a gift." MacLeod said with a smile.

"Can you two stop being all friendly like and let's get out of this pit." I hissed at him.

The young man's face fell. "It's not a pit, it's my home."

"Sorry. Come on boys we have to take you in." MacLeod said motioning for them to stand. The two men got to their feet and followed him out the door. I brought up the rear and made sure to lock the door as I left. Then again what would a robber steal from that place, news papers and rodents?