Sheets rustled as thin arms slid around a thin waist.

A pale cheek pressed against a paler shoulder.

Eyes stared at the ceiling, wide with worry.

"God frowns on this, you know. And so does the church." a soft voice said, interrupting the darkness.

"I know. But God frowns on everything."

"We could go to hell for this."

"At least we'd be together."

"In hell."

Another rustle of the sheets, as the thin arms moved to thin shoulders.

"We love each other. Being in hell together would be better than being in heaven alone."

"That is true."

Hands move now, and bodies follow, in silent, careful passion.

"Promise me we will be together forever."

"Forever and ever. Even if it comes to hell. Forever."

"I love you."

"I know. I love you too."