"once upon a time, a little boy was born.
his eyes were of the moon, his hair was of the sun, and
his skin was of the snow. his touch was made of feathers
and his heart came from the earth. then one day the little
boy had to grow up. the world tried to force him to conform with
lies and medication, but he didn't want to be a sheep.
the world stole the moon from his eyes and the sun from his hair; the snow
from his boy-skin and the feathers from his touch.
he became a whore who would do anything to get what he wanted.
then he decided that girls were stupid and that boys were beautiful,
and that happiness and love mattered more than anything else. the world saw it as wrong.
the boy's heart was broken, the moon
disintegrated and the sun imploded, snow fell endlessly
in it's cold deathly spell, and the Earth took back what she created."