Apologies and Promises

I'm sorry I was late
I'm sorry that I made you wait
I'm sorry that I'm never right
I'm sorry that I always fight
I promise I won't do it again,
I promise you'll know where I've been.
I'm sorry that I wear ugly clothes
I'm sorry I make you look bad
I'm sorry my hurt always shows
I'm sorry I made you so mad
I promise I won't do it again,
I promise I'll do what I can.
I'm sorry I keep breaking the rules
That you've established for me.
I'm sorry I act like a thousand fools,
When you don't want me to be
And I promise I won't do it again,
And I promise I'll put down my pen.
But if you intend to control my mind,
You'll need to rethink your plan
For in whatever solace I shall find,
I'll create evrything I can..
And I'm sorry I'm so unhappy,
And I sorry that I turned into me.
And I promise I will always create;
So make of that, what you will make.