A/N: Well, my best friend wrote this poem about her father. This one's really sad and hateful… and she curses once in here. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. Please read and review, thank you.

* You Don't Know! *

You think you know me
When really you don't.
You think I know you
When really I don't.

You're never around,
So what would you know?
You're never there,
So what could you know?

You treat me like a child,
I'm fifteen you know!
There are several things I can do,
But you'd never know!

You don't know,
Cuz you're over there.
You can't see,
Cuz you're not here.

How can you call yourself my father?
You don't even know what I like!
How can you act like a father?
Go take a hike!

I'm tired of you!
You're my father, grow up!
I'm sick of you're attitude!
You're so fucked up!

You don't know,
Cuz you can't see!
You're not here-
You don't know me!

© October 6, 2002