Another Forever

The slender and beautiful blonde with the natural ringlets and vibrant green eyes stood to place a kiss on a young girl's forehead. The girl looked up, an expression of quiet knowing on her face. The woman offered her a soothing smile and brushed the blonde hair from her cherub-face with a somewhat trembling hand. "You know I can't come anymore, Gwin?"

Gwinnie nodded. "I know, Mamma. Sara's gonna take care of me an' Papa now. Just like you said she would."

"That's right, sweet darling. You be her Angel Girl now, all right?"

Gwinnie nodded again. Then she gave her mother's hand a tight squeeze. "I'll always 'member you, right, Mamma?"

Carla Lake lowered herself onto the side of the bed again, enveloping Gwinnie's little hand in both of hers. "As long as you live, Gwin, you'll remember me. My face might not be bright in your mind, and my voice might not be clear in your ear, but you'll remember me. Like a whisper. Or a bit of a favorite song." She leaned down to again kiss her daughter's forehead. "You'll always remember me."

Gwinnie wrapped her arms tight around her mother, tears softly and silently escaping. "I love you, Mamma."

Carla returned the embrace. "I know you do, Angel Girl. I love you, too."

Gwinnie sniffed as she pulled back, tear-filled green eyes meeting her mother's. "Tell Baby Andrew I love him, Mamma."

Carla touched her daughter's nose. "I will, sweet darling." Then she urged Gwinnie deeper under the covers and tucked them tightly around her. "Sweet dreams, Angel Girl."

"Sweet dreams, Mamma," the little girl whispered.

Carla offered her daughter another smile before standing from the bed and exiting the room. Quiet and serene in expression, she paused outside her one-time husband's room and looked toward it. Softly smiling. Then she rested her hand against the door and whispered, "May the Lord's blessings always be warm within your heart. May love never be far from this house. And may warmth and laughter always surround you."

Then she lowered her hand and arm to her side, pausing a moment more before turning to move away, slowly fading to her new home within memories; his searching finally ended.

The End

This version was published in 2005. The newest edition, released Dec. 2012, is available for purchase in paperback and eReader formats. Direct links can be found at my website: . Should you wish to read what I have posted for the sequel, Releasing Yesterday, progress will be posted here on FictionPress, as well as announcements for Pre-Order.

Nona King