Cruel Words Of Hate

I used to love you ,
And trust you ,
But now I don't ,
Because of those words .

Those words of hate ,
I thought ,
When I first saw you ,
That you were good and sweet .

But it turned out ,
That you were nasty ,
I saw those eyes of yours ,
On me so many times .

Yet it seems ,
That you hated me ,
So what if I took the seat behind the driver ,
And not in front of you .

So what if I don't like trouble ,
It's no reason ,
That you have to hate me ,
I admit I used to love you .

But that love shattered ,
When you took her defense ,
Now I feel anger ,
And waves of hate .

Just once ,
I wish ,
That you all didn't hate me ,
For what I am .

So what ,
If I try to be smart ,
And nice ,
And polite to you .

Yet you are ,
Not of the light ,
But maybe of the darkness ,
Like everyone else .

So what ,
If I talk diffrent ,
And not with a country twang ,
But with an accent .

I admit it ,
I'm not normal ,
I'm human ,
But that's no reason .

For you to hate me ,
So what if you're friends ,
Tell you to hate me ,
If you ever read this remember it'll all come back to you one day .