Did you ever think that

You had a mafia cat?

Is your cat sly and witty?

You may have a mob kitty

Did you ever condone

That you have a feline Al Capone?

Your cat may chip in a bit

In selling illegal catnip

He may give other cats whacking

For going against his will or slacking

He's wanted by the cat FBI

They can't catch him, they've tried

So what do you think?

Between your cat, is there a link?

Could your cat be in the mob?

Does he keep mafia business from becoming macabre?

Does he sell even the tiniest bit

Of a kitty cat drug that we call catnip?

Well you're a lucky fellow

Your cat's belly's not yellow

And he'll protect you

From all of the bad cats in the mafia crew

On wet food make sure he is always supplied

Just to make sure you're on your cats good side