A.N: This is a mix between my crush's and my relationship and a girl that I once knew very dearly.

The Fight

He trys to anger me all of the time, and damn does he do it well.

Like that one time, ya know, he and I had this HUGE fight, and, well, I told him I hated him. Of course I didn't. The very next day he asked me out! I said yes, unwillingly as my friends were the acutal people who said the "yes" part. I was just stuck in the deal.

Well, we had a good time, for a week, then, he broke up with me. Why? I still don't know. But, anyway, of course, I cry, and feel sad. What am I supposed to do? I completely loved him. Well, that's what I thought at the time.

But, time went on and I forgot about him, until he started to hang out with me more. We became close, almost best friends. I remember where I told him who i liked, and right before I actually said the words he blurted out, "Will you go out with me?"

I, of course, was completely freaked out by this, and instantly said no. He asked again the next day, and again I said no.

This cycle happened for two straight months.

He got me thinking, though, about what made me like him in the first place, and I fell in love with him again. Yes, again.

I finally said yes.

This time it lasted for two full months. It was great, until he decided to believe a rumor that a "cheerleader" liked him and dumped me.

I was pissed.

Sooooo pissed.

A few months pass, and our lives return to normal. He's going out with this new chick now, some Laura girl (not the cheerleader. That was a total lie. ha!) and I don't think he likes her that much. He doesn't look at her in that special way that he looked at me. Ya know, I said I wouldn't admit it, but I miss it.

A friend told me that he broke up with Laura yesterday, so I finally decide to tell him how I feel. I do that today.

We're walking home from school to our houses (he lives only one block away). We start talking, and he blurts out this unbelieveable comment and I become outraged in him. I had a note in my hand explaining everything about him.

I hand him the note and storm across the street.

And until that moment, he finally realizes all of the mistakes he made.

As he was reading the note, he looked up and said, "LOOK OUT!"

I try to run, but it is too late

My life was swept from under me within a few feet of the one I loved and we never were able to act upon it.

The very last seconds of my life I hear a shout from him, one that was very comforting to me.

"I love you, too!" He shouts. "Wait for me in heaven!"

And so, I do. I sit, wait, and hope.