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Chapter 3: Missing

The day progressed with out to many dramas much to Alex's dismay. Mostly he was trying to blame me for everything, but Nirvana soon blocked him out along with the rest of the world. It was only at dinnertime that I realized I would soon have to get a hold of Dad or Kevin or someone before mum sent the police after me. I could just see it now.

'Missing! Young teenage girl around 160 cm tall, tanned skin and dark hair. Last seen on Sunday the 13 of December at suburban home. You may keep your identity secret if you wish and an award is sometimes issued. Please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 555 555.'

Man she really could be pathetic sometimes. Still I didn't need the police after me.

I didn't understand. Dad must of drop off the face of the earth or something! He was nowhere, or nowhere I knew. Kevin had no clue and neither did Dad's bimbo, and that was saying something cause she was almost always found hanging off him. That made me begin to worry. Nothing had happened had it? Nah someone would have said something by now. But really that's just what I told myself to calm down. I didn't have any way of knowing, not really.

After dinner witch consisted of most soy products that I tend to be allergic to, I made my way down to Dads house. I had to know what was up. Ironically he wasn't there but he neighbor Miss Erin something-er-other who owned the shop next to his house told me that he has just taken a job down south for a few days and wont be back till next Saturday. Well great, just fantastic! Nice of him to let me know ay?

Worrying about dad wasn't going to change the face that he wasn't here when I needed him. I felt hurt and angry that he didn't tell me what he was doing, that he just left me here with mum and school and everything. He was my only savior, the only person I could really confide in and he wasn't here now that I had a major problem. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stay at bubbas house; Alex would kill me! Or I would kill him but either way it wasn't going to be a good thing.

It took me an hour and a half to get to school the next day, an hour and a half! Stupid bloody busses, they say they will come at one time but end up being really, REALLY late or really, REALLY early. Either way I missed the first one and had to wait another 15 minuets, and the second one came exceptionally late causing me to arrive at school at 9:00am. School starts at 8:30am. This really wasn't turning out to be my day! I ended up getting a late note and a dress pass for my pleated black skirt. Apparently it looked like denim. I felt like slapping the deputy principle.

"So where are you staying at the moment?" Will asked as he followed me to my locker at lunch. "At my Dads, housemates, mothers house." I couldn't see him but I could just imagine the look on his face and what was going through his mind. "Do what? How the hell did you end up there?" "Long, long story." He glanced at his new Rolex, and then looked down at me. "We have 20 minuets before we go back to being robots so get a move on and spill."

It took the whole way to the canteen and back to the table to explain what kind of a shit Im in. "And thats about it for now." I said turning around to look at him finally. "Really that's it? Man I thought it was something worth while!" He joked placing both hands on my hips and lifting me up easily onto the table behind me. "So when is ya dad gettin back?" "Saturday, I think." "How long can you stay at your bubbas house?" I laughed knowing it wasn't a matter of me being allowed to stay with her, but how long I could take in that house. "At the most, till Wednesday. Im hoping Kevin will let me use his room, just like to crash at the end of the day ya know?" "Yeah, hey look hold that thought and I will be right back ok? I just need to make a few phone call's." He winked at me before ditching his bag on the table and walking off. He didn't end up getting back to me that lunchtime so I just made my way to my next class.

I had been catching the bus to and from school with Rebecca for almost a year now. There had been some pretty hairy times when the bus driver had just had enough, but this past week had definitely been the most uncomfortable. Rumors where spreading like wild fire and all sorts of names where being bounced around. I seriously can't walk down a hall with out being laughed at or glared at or just plain despised by these days. A lot of people didn't like me because I was going out with James. They all thought I was too young for him, to immature. And now that they all think I'm sleeping with Will, they literally wouldn't piss on me if I were on fire. A lot of those people also catch my bus with me.

"Look what she's wearing, can you say slut?" A year 11 asked her not so innocent friend. "I mean look how bloody short her skirt is!" My head shot up as she spoke. Apparently my knee length skirt was hitched around my thigh because of my shoulder bag.

"Oi Lauren!" I swear I jumped a mile at the sound of my name being screamed out by Will as he ran across the road and up towards to bus stop. I picked up my bag and met him half way knowing that the whole school would have me giving him a 'blowie' the next day.

"Look I spoke to my mum and Dave and they think it would be best if you come stay at our place." He said between breaths. "They think it would be best? Isn't Dave a prik? Look as much as I would love to, and really sweetie I would, I don't want to be a hassle. Really its ok." "Nah seriously, its all good. I'll set you up in the spare room, you can get a lift with me to school in the morning and we will swing by your Bubba's house later. Come on Lauren I don't wan- ," He stopped short, as though he was realizing what he was actually saying. "I don't want you staying there any more." I knew he was sincere. Even though he wasn't looking at me, I could see it in his eyes. "Thank you Will," I said quietly stepping up on tip tows and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"My, my. Looks like the rumors are true then. Poor James, he's such a lovely boy." I was too busy trying to read Will that I didn't see Rebecca sway over. I watched as she placed a hand on his shoulder and walk around him in what she hope to be a seducing manor but in reality, she looked like she had something rather large and pointy stuck up her ass.

"Danger Will Kensington, danger!" I said under my breath waving my hands around. He grinned at me then turned to Rebecca. "This has nothing to do with you Rebecca," Will said angrily. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along the path. "Come on mums waiting for us." His hand lingering in mine before letting it go and opening the car door for me.

So it was all good then? I was staying at Will's place where I didn't have to put up with Alex, Mum, or Kevin, and best of all, Rebecca. So why didn't I feel any better?