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The Tie That Never Binds

Animals do have the right as humans to live in this planet. Do you know why? Is because animals could help us in our works, our social activities and many more. Okay, let's me talk about horses from Northern Scotland.

Northern Scotland is a small and beautiful countryside with a view that could take your breath away. There you can find a flock of beautiful horses of many kinds, scattered wildly all over the land. A few horses are tamed and yet many are still wild and free to roam around. The horses that were tamed, were used by mankind to do their jobs on a farm such as drawing ploughs, hauling timber, driving the townspeople around to their destination, pulling heavy loads on a sledge and other kind of jobs. Chestnut horses are wildly used by the townspeople because these horses are much more sensible and hardworking.

More to mankind, there isn't any age difference between mankind and horses life, as horses had been living in this world for about 55 million years. They are a good workmate, allies and also a trustworthy companion to us for over 50 centuries. Now in this era, horses has changed their role from war and tough work to sports and leisure as modern machines had taken their place. Okay, let me tell you a story of a girl and her horse, Black Jack.

A long time ago, in a small town located in Northern Scotland, lived a young girl, about the age of 14, named Lucciana. She lived alone and studied in a small school nearby her home. She had no relatives and yet she was happy with the company of a horse, which she had owned by the age of 10. The horse's name was 'Black Jack'; a suitable name for it has a black soft fur coat with a white star on top of its forehead. The horse had no parents as its parents were taken away from the time it was born. It was given to Lucciana by her father as a birthday gift.

Lucciana parents had passed away of some natural cause and life had been very hard to her from then on. She had to study, earn some money from a part-time job and also to take care of her horse. Yet she had many good times with her horse because of the fun they had.

Time passed by until Lucciana was 19 years old. She and Black Jack still spent their time together but after for quite sometime, she wanted to further her studies and decided to go to England so she could become a writer someday. She had to leave everything behind even her horse. So she asked her friend to take care of everything for her while she was away. She visited Black Jack at the meadow before she left. She gave him some oats for him to eat. And then, she patted his head and said goodbye. She patted him again and then left to begin her journey to England.

A few years later, Lucciana graduated and became a writer. Later, she married an Englishman named Richard and didn't return home. She began to write novels and became famous in her early twenties. But, she had completely forgotten to go back home and also her horse. She lived happily with her husband in England.

A few months later, Lucciana got a letter from her homeland and it said that her horse suddenly fell sick and could not live much longer. After she read the letter, she knew it was urgent and quickly packed her things in a bag and then took the earliest flight to her homeland. Once she arrived, she quickly went back home to see her horse.

Black Jack was very skinny like nobody ever took care of him. He was lying in a small barn and was breathing very hard. Lucciana stayed on his side and tried everything to make him well again but day after day, inside him was fading away. A few days later, Black Jack passed away peacefully. Lucciana cried and stayed in her homeland for a few weeks. She went back to England to be with her husband and started writing novels again. She wrote a story for herself called 'A friend of my own' and published it. It became the bestseller in Europe. In this best-selling story, it is about her and Black Jack, her friend.

So you see, not only humans could be your friends but also it could be an animal or many things. So, animals do have rights as humans to live in this planet. And besides, they are quite adorable creatures anyway so please do not harm the animals when they do not harm us. Animals are like humans too. They have a brain like us, legs, teeth and many more. Oh well, I hope this story will be okay to the other people and also agree with me opinion.

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