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Saying Goodbye

Goodbye can make you feel sad. Goodbye can make you cry. Goodbye can make your heart break and you'll never feel the same again. The story that I am going to give you now, is a story of my friend, a friend who promised me that she would always be there for me, waiting for me, but now she's gone forever. The name of my precious friend, who gave me joy and courage and hope, was called Tina.

A few years ago, I was born in Sabah, a small village with full of friendly people with full of laughter and joy. But I on the other hand, was lonely and sad, because I had no one to talked to and always stayed at home. Then one day, I met a young girl, who was the same age as me, named Tina. She became my playmate, and at that time, we were just 5 years old.

As we grew up, we went to school together and did a lot of activities such as fishing, dancing, singing, and many fun things. But one day, my parents had a job in Kuala Lumpur and we all have to moved over there. I said that I don't want to leave my friend but my mum scolded me for just thinking of myself only. I was sad and thought that Tina would be sad too. So, I went to her house a few days before I leave to Kuala Lumpur. I tried to sound cheerful but I guess I was not so good in lying, so she asked what was wrong. I sighed and told her. But to my surprised, she was smiling at me, and said, "That's great Devina, this is your opportunity to be in a new school." I said to her that this may be the last time to meet each other and I started to leave. But she stopped me and said that leaving to some place far away, doesn't mean that we won't see each other and more. She said that she will wait for me when I come back over here and supported me in many ways. I felt much better after that. She gave me her address so I could write to her when I moved to Kuala Lumpur. A few days later, my family and I left to Kuala Lumpur.

At first, Tina and I wrote endless letters to each other, telling what had happened to us and stuff. But for quite sometime, she didn't reply my letter back and I began to worry. But, thinking that we are now 16 years old and we had had a lot of schoolwork, activities and stuff, she must be very busy. I began to relax, saying to myself that I need to cool down. But somehow, deep inside my heart, I felt something was not right.

On the first semester holidays, my family and I went back to Sabah. As I reached there, I quickly unpacked my things and ran to Tina's house. As I knocked the door, Tina's mother opened the door with full of sadness on her face. And at that moment, I knew something had happened to Tina. I was right; Tina's mother said she passed away a week ago. I cried and cried, feeling guilty for her. Feeling guilty because I was not there for her. What kind of friend am I? I never thought this would be the end of our friendship. But I have nothing to say, so sadly, I had to say goodbye. But Tina's mother said that Tina wrote a letter before she passed away, and she went to the Tina's bedroom to get something. As I walked to her bedroom, everything was like untouched. All her things were still there. I sat on her bed quietly and waited for Tina's mother to give me the letter. Then I saw Tina's mother, opening the dresser's drawer, and taking out a white envelope and gave it to me, and left. I guess she wanted to leave me alone so I could read the letter. Anyway, I quickly opened the letter and read it. It goes like this: -

Dearest Dewi, I am so sorry for not telling you as soon as possible, that I had leukemia. I didn't want to upset you. I just want you to carry on with your studies, succeed in life in the future. I just want you to know that this is not a goodbye because I will be there for you. I will watch you always. I just want you to know that I love you as my very own sister and I'm glad that I had a friend like you. If you are lonely, just think of me. I can be the wind or I can be the bird that flies higher than the clouds. So, please take care always and remember me in your heart.



After I read it, I cried, because she loves me so much. Like a sister. But I betrayed her, and said goodbye softly in my heart. Goodbye because I will never see her again. Goodbye because I was never there for her. And goodbye because I was never a good friend.

Well, that's the story of my precious old friend, Tina. I can never know what she is now. Is she the wind? Or is she the bird? But somehow, inside my heart, I can feel her presence. Maybe she was right. Maybe she will always be there for me, even though she is gone forever. I can never know the truth. But I will always cherish her in my heart as one of the most precious thing that had happened to me. Forever.

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