She's fine

She's perfect

She's smart

She's funny

She's talented, and shows it, in all that she does.

She's clever

She's sweet

She's caring

She's thoughtful

She's successful in everything, she has no faults.

She's unique

She's bold

She's happy

She's special

She's idolized by many, hated by few.

She's mature

She's calm

She's cool

She's relaxed

She's respected by adults, they treat her as an equal.


She's hurting

She's crying

She's begging

She's pleading

She's doubting it all, thinks of ending her life.

She's wanting

She's wishing

She's hoping

She's praying

She's trying to figure, where she went wrong.

She's sitting

She's staring

She's sighing

She's shrugging

She's felt all the pain, and has just given up.

She's writing

She's drawing

She's typing

She's painting

She's expressing herself, without drawing blood.

She's hiding

She's closing

She's running

She's ducking

She's been hurt by them all, so she's shutting them out.

11:01 pm