by WiccaRoses058
Meaning- Insparation comes from the SevenDust song- Denial, Which belongs to them not me! To me the poem means, the Denial I've been through so many times with friends, family, religion, and love mostly.

In denial,
I don't need to fallow my plan to life.
What's gone all,
its wrong!

Left to all alone.
seems it has to burn.
don't have to say much more.

With a drawn string and sigh,
Yes it's happened,
Don't Deny!

All shit comes to a close,
saying something wrong,
doing the wrong,
left to clean up by only,

Hack the minds of children in love.
When you look inside,
some from above,
is denial of love.

Creep around a friend or foe,
their minds tell of something grown.
Changing winds will agree,
its denial swept up with greed.

Alas comes the family's tree,
where to belong and where to see.
What comes wrong with a sight of right,
is Denial of the origin copyright.

And when it comes to belief,
you feel its not yours.
A stronger being for religion,
It's hidden under,
you guessed it,

what is that beats me?
that of which confessed me.
And Denial,
of a devils kind.
Blessed Be to all whom read this and review! Did it in 5 min.s flat. Don't burn me!