I licked my lips the sweet taste still lingered there. I checked in the mirror my reflection stared back I was beautiful, as always, with long black hair falling down to my waist and gray eyes that were entacing. The thing that no one knows is that I am also very, very deadly. There was no trace of red on my lips I smiled wickedly and left the poor soul laying in my room. I would tend to him later.

I walked out the front door dusk had just settled upon the land but to me it was as bright as day. The full moon glowed overhead and for a moment I stood and stared at the stars. One in particular I smiled at. The North Star I had watched it as a child those many, many years ago. It was my friend. I had loved the night as a child and had played in the darkness more then in the day. It was ironic that the darkness is where I would live forever.

I walked into the club flashing my smile at the guard, he let me straight in without asking for ID. You see I don't have an ID because you need a birth certificate for one of those. Instead I smile my way into clubs and laugh my way out of speeding tickets. I nod to one of my own. We have the same mission tonight. We don't talk we don't need to. We have met before and we don't need to meet again.

The poor soul lying in my apartment was just my first course tonight. I'm still hungry, I'm always hungry that is the curse of my kind. Ever lasting hunger. No one would ever understand the hunger we face. We don't treat humans as equals because it is impossible to kill an equal. Even renowned murders don't feel that the ones they murder are equal.

I look for my first victim. I sit down at the bar and order a drink. I don't need one it won't end the hunger it won't make me drunk or do anything for me. I just don't want to look different then the other human's. The waiter flirts with me a bit. I study him, his hair is a little to long for my taste so I let down my shields and he feels my power and finds a reason to move away.

Finally a handsome guy approaches me and says, "Hello". I greet him and give him my name. He asks were my accent is from. I can't tell him because I was raised to speak a language that has long been dead. Instead I smile and ask him about himself. He plans to be a lawyer. I smile he's a leech just like me. I decide he'll do. After awhile of chatting we head to his car. I can tell he feel's tonight is his lucky night. He has no idea.

We head back to his apartment for coffee. When we go inside I realize what a gentlemen he is being. Maybe I should make him like me. He could be my playmate for a while until I get tired and kill him. I've done it before I could do it again, but I remember the pain in Torrin's eyes and shake my head, not yet.

He tells a joke and I laugh automatically. After awhile he leads me back to his room. We kiss passionately and we slowly strip each other. As I lay on the bed I see his appreciation of my tan sleek body. For it is perfect in every way. That is what happens when you are changed. He kisses me slowly going down my stomach. I moan in pleasure as he kisses me again. His mouth is warm as it caresses me. We are locked in a frenzy of lust and after awhile it is all over. We lay side by side, both exhausted. I slowly kiss him on his lips then his cheek, then his neck. I then get up and slide back into my clothes. I check the mirror and wipe of my lips. For now, my hunger is gone. His body, once so hot, is now growing cold. I smile, blow a kiss ironically and walk out of the apartment. I slowly walk back home, I will make it before the sun comes up.

I reach my apartment and dispose of the body. As the sun is just peaking over the horizon I fall into a deep slumber. I need to be rested for tomorrow night because I will be hungry again.