By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some who say that a magic that we seek
Should indeed be found in a place known as Moonlight Creek.
And they weren't kidding,
For on one particular night,we saw something--
Something that had appeared over the creek.

My name is Adam Goddard,one of those people on the go.
And at first,I had never believed in anything with the initials U-F-O
On it.Anyway,on a Saturday night,
My wife,Bonnie and I were camping with our friends,Ken and Sarah Knight.

We were sitting around a campfire
And began telling each other about our inner desires.
Bonnie's desire was one for the books--
She wanted to be taken from Earth and placed in a star-filled brook.

At first,we've found it to be funny.
But then,the sky sudenly became sunny.
We had looked up towards the glow
And saw something that should only be known as a UFO.
Right there and then,it was no longer funny.

We've tried to run away
From it.But a beam from the craft had forced us to stay.

And then,after the craft had came closer
To us,we had suddenly started to hover
Up towards the spaceship.
Once inside,some little gray men had to strip
Us--starting with Bonnie,in order
To examine her.

After that,four more humans--who were also bare--
Had walked up to us and began to--with such care--
Caress each and every part of our bodies.

Suddenly,it had felt our evening of pure fright
Had changed to that sheer erotic delight.
Bonnie and I had gotten carried away
In such an erotic way--
And so had Ken and Sarah Knight.

But then,
We had discovered that they were really aliens
That we were making love to.

But instead of being
Frightened of these extraterrestrial beings,
We were forced against our will
To allow them to give us our sexual thrill.

After we were through making love
With these creatures,we fell asleep like cute little doves.
Sometime later,after we woke up in the campsite,
We had seen the UFO zoom away in the sky of night.

Now,I understand that you'll think that Moonlight Creek
Is only a place that is so watery and bleak.
But believe me,it is indeed true
When I say to you
That there is a certain type of magic inside Moonlight Creek.