Two Minute Mystery

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On the day of the boy's funeral was pouring rain with a dark gray sky. Everybody wore black and walked slowing down in the aisles of the sad and silent church. People sitting down were either crying or sobbing solemnly. A small coffin placed on an altar in front of the sanctuary. Inside was a boy that died in a horrible tragedy. The priest slowly walked up to a smaller altar and started to mumble, "Alimuro sealestose." my mom quietly whispered tome that the priest was chanting and praying for the boy and also wishing that him would rest in peace. The ceremony ended with everyone lighting a candle for the boy as they carried the coffin out in the pouring rain. The rain smashed on the cover, which was made out of wood.

Another week passed as the police tried to find clues about the death. Even though they might have some clues on which the killer might be, they still don't have enough evidences to accuse anybody yet. The boy's name was Simon, he was 13, just like a normal kid playing and hanging out with his friends.

Simon was killed around 3 - 4 p.m., just right after school. He wasn't robbed or anything. The killer did search through his backpack but nothing was actually stolen. (Well that's what I heard) He got shot in the heart, neck, arm, leg and stomach. The scene was gruesome and frightening. Sadly, I was the one who found his body and when I did I was so horrified that when I tried to scream, nothing came out. I ran as fast as I could like a bullet trying to find someone on the street to get help but for some reason no one and I mean no one was there. The street was dead silent as if it was midnight. The sky was pitch black with rain clouds covering it.

I kept on running again until I saw my school. I yanked open the door and found my teacher in my classroom. I was trying to talk and again nothing came out. I tried to breathe to calm myself down but I was no use. I felt like I was going to explode. My teacher started to talk, "Stephanie, Stephanie. What's wrong? What's going on?" I was shivering and shaking and then slowing I began to whisper. "Si, Simon mur. Murdered in t the alley, killed, di died." My teacher gasped as she tried to calm down from the shock. "Where, Where? When, When? How, How? Stephanie? Hello????" I was brought back to reality when my teacher screamed my name. "Ms. Mur Murray. Simon in alley... died. dead. scary bloood.." Ms. Murray dashed to the phone and called 911.

After we contacted Simon's parent and told them what happened. Immediately they left for the alley. My teacher told me go to home and rest. As I got home. I began calling everyone that knew Simon to meet at my house. When everybody was there, I began to tell them what happened. Many cried as I finished the story and also they tried to comfort me even though they knew it was useless. The next day, we had an assembly that talked about what happened to Simon. We all listened to the principal talked. The whole week, we all wore a black armband as to show sadness for Simon. As in the class nobody talked much and all we did was sit there and do work.

That happened almost 2 weeks ago, every night after that I kept on having nightmare of Simon lying dead in the crimson red blood. At the end, Simon always bounced back up and spoken, "Help me! Help! Find out who killed me. You are the only one that who can help me. Please!" Then he fell back down in the pools of blood on the ground, splashing blood all over my clothes.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" I screamed as I woke up from the horror. I was soaked with sweat all over my body. "Another night of the horror," I thought. Remembering what Simon said in the end, I was wondering why he asked me to help him when the police was doing their best to solve the case. Unless, unless he wanted me to know that it was someone that we know, or even someone that hang out with us. I wondered as I sluggishly walked down the stairs. It was Sunday, as I just realized and my parents weren't home.

So I gradually crawled up the stairs again. I went back to my room and for some reason I started writing down names of Simon's friends and others that might be involved in this. As I finished writing I had 16 names and narrowed them down to 2. The first one was Jennifer.

Jennifer hated Simon down to his guts because he had trashed all her stuff in an "accidental" fire. Her mom got exceptionally mad and grounded her and gave her no allowance for 3 months. As for the other guy, his name was Jacky. When we went to a wobbly bridge, Simon "accidentally" tripped Jacky and almost fell over the bridge, which could have killed him. Those were the best reasons that I could think of for those two. Then I went and phoned my best friend, Vivian to ask her if she could help me investigate. She eagerly said yes and off we went. After a few hours off searching around the neighbourhood, I realized that Vivian was leading me off course. Every time I found something that might lead us to the murderer, she cuts me off and talked to me about other stuff that wasn't even related. All of that made me confused and also made me lost track of where I was.

After a half a hour of so, I thought that I should make up an excuse so I could ditch her. Funny enough, she believed me, so I started to look around again. I headed off to Simon's house, thinking it would help my investigation. I asked his mom if I could look through his stuff to search for clues. First she said no but after a while of consideration, she changed her mind and said yes. I went up to his room and looked through his drawer. I found his diary, even though I knew it wasn't nice to look to people's diary, especially dead people. But I knew there would be important information that I could use. It took me around 30 minutes until I actually found something that was really important.

It said that, "Dear diary, today was awful, I saw Vivian beating up younger kids and getting the money. Once I was walking down the street, I saw Vivian, and she looked very suspicious. So I decided to follow her. I saw it with my own two eyes that she killed this man with a gun. It was horrible and dreadful and Vivian looked up and saw me staring. She glared at me and if looks could kill, she would of slaughter me into pieces. I ran and hoping she would forget about seeing me there." This was what it said the next day: "Dear diary, today Vivian came to me and told me that not to tell anyone about what happened yesterday. Still her eyes were pierced as an eagle looking for its prey. I told that I wouldn't tell a soul about what happened and if I did I would be butchered into millions of pieces. After I said that she left and I was so relieved. Even so I still don't really believe that she won't kill me it's just a matter of time. Best not to think of that."

Suddenly the door swished open, there was Vivian standing there and holding a gun with her right hand.

She yelled, "So I guess you found out that I killed Simon, eh?"

I tried to hide my fear, and it got the best of me, I was tongue-tied.

"I would count that as a "yes" then. Oh well. I'll just kill you too." Vivian laughed with evil and hatred.

I asked Vivian, "What happened to Simon's mother? Where did she go? And how did you get that gun? How did you know I was here?"

She replied with a calm voice, "So many questions, so little time. You know that I'll kill you anyway. Oh, I'll answer your stupid questions. Yes, I did kill Simon's mother, and I got that gun from my friends. We hang out around alleys and stuff. Oh and your last question. I followed you here because I knew you were trying to ditch me. Luckily I did or else you would be at the police office by now. Any last words?"

I said nothing but luckily I had my tape recorder on. I had recorded all the things that she had said. She raised the gun and locked on target. I squeezed my eyes tightly, knowing that I would died. She counted, "One, two, three."



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