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Chpt. 1…The Plan


Sixteen year old Brianna Jones was a happy girl. She had a loving family, a pet dog, and had many friends. But now, she was far from happy.

"But Mom! It's not fair!" Brianna stomped her feet, startling Scruff, their golden retriever pup.

"Brianna! We've already talked about this! You are not, I repeat, NOT, going!" Mrs. Jones stated, strands of gold hair falling out of place from her bun. She paced around the room restlessly.

"Mom! I should have a right to go! It has an awesome art program!" Brianna argued defiantly. She wanted badly to go to Coville Academy ever since she was seven.

"Brianna, you're forgetting or should I say neglecting one small detail. It's an all boys school!" Her mother yelled. She was not going to let her precious daughter stay at some boy school where at any given night she could be raped and/or become pregnant!


"No buts, Bri. You are not going. End of discussion." Her mother stopped. She pointed to the stairs. "Go on to bed. You have school tomorrow."

Brianna scooped Scruff into her arms and stomped up the stairs, her golden hair billowing after her. I'm going to go to that school…I'm going to get in no matter what…you'll see.


"You're gonna what?!" Mimi yelled, earning them a shush from the librarian. Brianna rolled her eyes. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach. She had a plan. She had a plan to get herself enrolled into Coville Academy!

"Are you crazy?!" Mimi exclaimed. "You'll get caught! What are you going to tell your parents when they start noticing you're not coming home every night?" Mimi acted worried but her sparkling blue eyes hinted excitement, giving her away.

"I haven't thought that far yet! I just started planning yesterday." Brianna shrugged. She doubted it will work but it never hurt to try.

"Do you think it will really work? I mean, you'd have to cut your hair and… and not wear make up!" Mimi looked horrified at the idea. Brianna again rolled her eyes. She loved Mimi but… she can be a real ditz sometimes.

"I'm not gonna cut my hair! All I have to do is wear some sort of hat all the time, then I'll be fine." Brianna muttered, her fingers twirled in her blonde elbow length hair.

"I gotta tell ya. As much as I love that idea, it sounds pretty hopeless. It'll be real hard to pull something this big off. You could get in some serious shit you know." Mimi fidgeted in her chair and closed her notebook.

"Mimi, come on! Where's your sense of adventure? Have some fun and get daring once in your lifetime. You never wanna do anything dangerous and exciting. I don't see how you can live your life like that. Me, I need that stuff." Brianna pointed herself in the chest and nodded, agreeing with her statement.

"Gee, aren't you brave." Mimi said dryly. "You, you're crazy. Me, I'm smart. I stay away from that stuff."

"Yeah, well someday you'll change your mind." Brianna packed up her books and stood up. "I gotta go though. I still got planning to do."

"Call me up if you come up with anything." Mimi said, opening her books again. She, unlike miss goody-two-shoes over there, still had homework to do.

"Alright, see you." Brianna hugged Mimi and strode to the door. She was about to pull the door when-


The door swung in her face, knocking her down on her but. Her books scattered across the floor.

"Oh, gosh. I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. Let me help you…" Came a deep, soothing voice.

Brianna glanced, up, her flow of curses halting immediately in her throat. A young man of around her age stood above her, hands held out to give her a lift. His jet black hair grew messily around his head, giving him a ruffled look. His nose was straight; his chin sharp and he had a nice jaw line. His right ear was pierced with a tiny earring hanging out.

But what captured Brianna's attention was his soft eyes. Jade green, they shimmered in the light.

"Er…Are you okay?" He asked. He shifted uncomfortably under the girl's scrutiny.

"Oh! Uh…yeah, I'm…I'm fine." She gave him her hand and he lifted her up with ease. He kneeled down and began picking up her scattered books. She bent down to help.

"My name is Jesse Cambridge." He handed her her books. Brianna noticed his green sweater brought out his eyes beautifully.

"My name's Brianna Jones." She breathed. He was around 6'2" and seem to fill his clothes just fine. He wasn't the bulky muscle type. He was slim but strong at the same time. His black jeans were loosely hung on his slim hips.

"Nice to meet you. I'm sorry about the uh…" Jesse gestured to her books.

"Oh, no problem. Don't worry about it." Brianna smiled. She dusted off her blue top and beige shorts.

"Well, uh…see you around." Jesse smiled and Brianna felt her breath leave her.

"Um…Bye." She stepped aside as he walked past her to a table and sat down, his magnificent legs bending.

Brianna whimpered as she left the library. That… she decided, was a piece of heaven…


Jesse sat down and rested his head on his arms. His heart still banged against his chest. He let out a sigh. He'd been too long without seeing a girl. As much as he loved his school, he wished it did include the opposite sex.

Jesse shook his head. That girl was pretty. Real pretty…he decided. Even though, he had to concentrate on his studies. He took out his notebook he'd been carrying and took out a pen. Coville Academy was a tough school after all…


Brianna sat on her bed, her brain up to mischief. "What am I going to say to my parents? How will they believe me? Argh!" She threw a pillow at the wall. "This is so frustrating! Maybe… I can tell them I got accepted at Pineco Boarding School, where Mimi attends… Yeah!"

She grabbed her phone on her bedside table and dialed Mimi's number. Mimi picked up on the other line.

"Mimi Saunders speaking."

"Hi, Mimi?" Brianna plopped down on her bed.

"Hey Bri. What's up?"

"I think I may have a great idea to make my plan work."

"Really?! Tell, tell!" Mimi's voice glimmered with excitement.

"Well, I can just say that I'm enrolling in your school! I mean, it's a boarding school for girls right? And if my parents ever write to me, then you can just give me their letters! It's brilliant."

There was a silence over the other line… then…

"That's your great idea." Mimi's voice said, deadpan.

"Well, sure why not?" Brianna twirled her finger on the phone cord.

"Well, for one thing, you dragged me into it but that's not the main point. The point is what if you're parents decide to come visit you? And what about paperwork? Your parents would want to see the paperwork and stuff."

"Mimi, have I ever told you you're a real stick up the ass sometimes?"

"Look, all I'm saying is maybe you should think this over. I mean, your mother could be right. You could get into trouble while you're there." Mimi's voice took on a slight worried tone.

"Would you relax Mimi? I got it covered. All you have to do, is go along with it."

"Oh, I don't know…"

"Please Mimi… Please?" Brianna begged.


"Please? Pretty please?"

"Oh fine. But if we get in shit, I'm blaming it on you…" Mimi said humourously.

"If the sky collapses, I'll hold it up for you. I promise."


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