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Chpt 24…Forever and Ever


"MS. JONES!!!"

Brianna jolted from her seat as she jerked awake. She stared straight ahead at the teacher as the man tapped his foot impatiently. She had fallen asleep? Then… Brianna's heart sank to her soles. It was all… a dream?

"You do realize where you are, Ms. Jones? You do realize that I was teaching a lesson? A very important lesson? Ms. Jones? You do realize that I allow no one, no one to fall asleep in my class? You will serve detention… Ms. Jones. And I should hope you learn to get sufficient sleep at home as to prevent your falling asleep in my class ever again!" the man huffed, face livid. Grunting disapprovingly, he stalked back to his desk, continuing with the lesson.

Brianna sighed softly, running her palms over her temples. It was all a dream. Jesse Cambridge coming to South Lake, a no name school? Ha. Brianna felt the familiar sensation as her eyes turned glassy with non-existent tears. For the past four months, she has cried like the Niagra Falls, unable to stop. Now she had no more tears left to cry, not a single drop. Brianna shook her head, shaking away the feeling of loss. It's been so long already, she scolded herself. Maybe… maybe she should have gotten rid of his pictures. Maybe she should listen to her mother, after all, moms know best right? She laughed bitterly. She sounded like a child.

She gathered her things as the bell rang, her lips set to a thin line. She hadn't heard a word of the lesson, another period wasted thinking about the past, about him. Thank goodness it was lunch, she thought. She'd have to straighten herself up for the next class. Slipping her notebooks into her bag, she shuffled into the hallway, arms filled with textbooks. Worming her way through hundreds of students milling about, she finally made it to her locker. Fiddling with the lock, the crowds lessened as more and more people filed into the cafeteria, anxious to get their stomachs filled.

Frustration seeped into Brianna as her lock refused to open. Dropping a couple of her books, she growled in anger. Slipping her bag to the ground, she bent to pick up her textbooks, seething. Nothing was going right for her today, and that pissed her off to the supreme.

"Need some help?"

"Yeah." She muttered, scanning the ground for any other textbooks she'd missed. Standing quickly, she glared at her locker. "This stupid piece of trash won't open, no matter what I do!" she said heatedly, trying her combination again. To her surprise, the locked clicked open, making her face go red. "Well it-it didn't open before… dunno why it's opening now… damn lock…" she muttered, embarrassed. Pulling at her locker, she found to her utmost annoyance, that it was jammed. Pulling with all her strength, it would not open. Taking deep breaths, she counted to ten, grinding her teeth together.

"Here, let me."

Brianna blinked as an arm reached from behind her and yanked the locker door open with incredible force. Dumbfounded, Brianna turned to thank the person only to find her throat muscles have stopped working.

Jesse Cambridge smiled at the shocked expression on her face. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish before she managed to croak. He jumped back in surprise as all her textbooks fell to the floor, her emerald eyes fixed on him. He looked at her slightly puzzled at her lack of joy. She only expressed disbelief and pure utter shock. He was startled as she stepped over her books and stood right in front of him, close enough for him to swoop down and kiss her. He raised an eyebrow as she took his arm and pinched it hard. Yelping, he retracted from her grip, rubbing his sore spot.

Brianna's breathed slowly as she stared at his arm. Pointing to it, she asked, deadpan, "Did that hurt?", her voice small.

"Well… yeah!" Jesse exclaimed, wincing. Great, he thought, now his arm was red. He frowned slightly, rubbing it softly. A small whimper brought his attention back to Brianna as his frown dissipated. Brianna held her head in her hands as she was crouched, whimpering softly.

"Brianna?" Jesse said softly, reaching to touch her shoulders. He stopped midway when he heard her murmurs.

"Oh God… oh God… I'm having hallucinations… this isn't good… oooh God…" she muttered, clenching her eyes shut, despite the tears flowing down her cheeks. "I-I don't want to be a schizophrenic! I'm not seeing make believe people!… I'm not!"

Jesse frowned, touching her shoulders. He was shocked to find them shaking uncontrollably. This wasn't supposed to happen. "Brianna? It's me, Jesse. You're not-" He gasped as she jerked away, eyes wide.

"No! You're not real! Leave me alone!" she cried, falling back against her open locker. Brianna's mind was a jumble as she sought for a way out. This hurt. What was happening to her? Why was her mind doing this to her? She couldn't take it anymore. She didn't the only she knew at the moment. She ran. Down the corridor, she dashed as if her life depended on it. And to her, it did. Not only her life but also her sanity. She felt the ache in her chest as her breaths came in short gasps. Hot tears flowed down her face freely, the tears that she thought she'd didn't have. People down the hallway gave her incredulous and weird looks as she rushed out of the building into the pouring rain. Rain mingled with her tears as she ran into the small forest area behind the football field. Breathing heavily, she collapsed onto a stump, her hands cupping her face.

Her head jerked up as she heard heavy footsteps. Jesse came running into the small clearing, panting heavily also. This time, before she could have the chance to run off again, he pulled her in a tight embrace. She wriggled in his grasp but proved to be in vain. Heart wracking sobs escaped her throat as she gave in, holding him tightly. Jesse rubbed her back soothingly, whispering gentle words into her ear. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours as the rain let up, turning into a soft drizzle. Jesse was grateful for the treetops that covered a majority of the heavy downpour, preventing them from getting soaked to the bone.

Brianna sniffled as she swiped at her wet hair. She pushed him to an arm's length away, staring him in the eyes. "Thi… this… it-no… no." She said, breathing heavily.

"Brianna…" Jesse said softly, taking a hold of her, should she run off again, "Why did you run away? Silly, I'm not a hallucination!" he said, a small smile curving his lips. What an adorable but sad reaction…

"But you're… you're not real." She said, deadpan. Tears filled her eyes again as held her head in her hands. "You can't be…" she whimpered, crouching to the ground again. She gasped as she was pulled up roughly, eyes widening as she felt cool wet lips press against her own. An electric sensation flowed through her body as her eyelids dipped, closing slowly. Just for the one moment, she allowed herself to believe this man, the one that was slowly melting her, was Jesse Cambridge. She felt a strong arm pressing her body against his own, pulling her in from the waist.

Breath hitched, Jesse pulled away. "Now… you tell me that wasn't real." He said softly, touching her cheek. "I'm here now and I swear to you… I'm as real as my love for you." He whispered, nipping at her lips again.

"I-I don't understand… why are you here? When?" she asked, the fact finally sinking in. She suddenly remembered her dream. "It… it wasn't a dream?"

Jesse could not suppress a small chuckle that escaped from his lips. "No, silly. It wasn't a dream. After you saw me, you rubbed your eyes and started muttering something. Then you put your head down and I guess you fell asleep." He explained, pinching her right cheek. "And as to why am here… why do you think I'm here?" he asked softly, taking her chin between his fingers.

"I-I… for me? T-To be with… me?" she asked hopefully. Her heart pounded against her chest as he lowered his lips again. Her hands held on to his shirt tightly, clenching.

"Of course, silly…" he said before meeting his lips with her own. He felt her relax, molding against him. Breaking away, he fingered her short hair. "You cut your hair…" he murmured, running his fingers through the wet locks.

Brianna bit her lip, placing her head against his chest. "I… I wanted to forget…" she whispered, wrapping her arms around him.

"Not me I hope…" he said softly, rubbing her back. Kissing her head, he whispered softly, "I missed you." He had recovered quickly from his bullet wound, taking time in rehabilitation to work his arm muscles. He was able to take the exams and finish the year at Coville, as did Joel. During the summer, he had searched high and low for Brianna's new school, trying his hardest to meet up with her again. Getting an enormous amount of information from Mimi, he had found her residence as well as her new school. And here I am, he thought, hugging her close.

"Jesse?" Brianna said, voice muffled in the crook of his shoulder. "I missed you." She murmured, squeezing him tight.

"I missed you too babe." He whispered, sighing in contentment.

"Is your wound better?"

"Yeah… it's better."

Brianna looked up at him. "Are you here to stay then? With me? Forever and ever?" she asked childishly, clutching onto his shirt.

Jesse laughed softly, taking her hands. "Yes. I'm here to stay. With you. Forever and ever." He said, kissing her on the nose. Taking a glance at his watch, which by now stopped working, Jesse frowned. "Hmm… you owe me a new watch." He said teasingly, nudging her.

"I owe you-what? What's wrong with the one you have now?" she said, taking his wrist. "Oh." She said, staring at the frozen hands of the watch. Cocking an eyebrow, she looked at Jesse's stupid grin. "And why do I owe you a watch?"

"You broke it." He said simply.

Brianna looked at him incredulously. "Wha-I did no such thing! I didn't make you come run in the rain!" she said, punching him lightly on the arm.

"Well what was I suppose to do? Leave you out here? You thought you were crazy! Hell… I thought you were crazy…" he muttered, earning another punch on the arm. "Alright alright. We better get back to class. I think we've already used up the entire lunch hour."

Hand in hand, they walked out of the tiny forest. Brianna smiled as she squeezed Jesse's large warm hands. Nothing would stop her this time. They were going to stay together this time. No matter what her parents or anyone else said. Even if the sky collapsed on her, she knew he would be there to hold it up for her. Because Jesse Cambridge… was finally hers.



"I love you. Forever and ever."

"I love you too. Forever and ever."

The End


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