"Love is Love" Sexuality Part 1

Rated: PG-13 (so far...)

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Name: Dear Tosan

Age: 14

Nationality: Japanese/French

Hair Colour and Hair Type: Red, long (stops at his butt ^_^), wavy

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 5'2''

Weight: 95 lbs.

Likes: The Arts (especially drawing and writing poetry), fruit salads (no pun intended ^_^), sleeping, classical music

Dislikes: Rude people

Dear Tosan is the narrator and main character of this story. He is a shy and quiet young man and the son of a rich, French business man and a Japanese ex- model mother. He doesn't have many friends. DQA99: Sounds like someone I know.... QA99: ::glare:: @

Name: Alisa Lopez (DQA99: Not related to J.Lo -_-;)

Age: 15

Nationality: African (American)/ Hispanic

Hair Colour and Hair Type: Dark Purple, medium-length (stops just below her ears), shiny

Eye Colour: Violet

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 109 lbs.

Likes: Computers, reading, school

Dislikes: Hate groups/crimes

Alisa Lopez is Dear's only friend. She is very kind to others and very supportive of him. She can be sarcastic at times, but provides him with a shoulder to lean on.

Name: Johnathan Christian

Age: 15

Nationality: German

Hair Colour and Hair Type: Platinum Blonde (QA99: I'm not sure how to describe his hair type. Just think of Nick from the Backstreet Boys ^_^. DQA99: Backstreet Boys....ugh. ;P)

Eye Colour: Dark Green (DQA99: The exact color of QA's breath everytime she breathes QA99: o)

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 120 lbs.

Likes: Reading, playing video games, watching t.v.

Dislikes: Liars

Johnathan Christian is the boy that Dear meets at his favorite bookstore. He is a very good student, but has a bad temper and some slight psychological issues. *spoiler* He becomes Dear's boyfriend

Name: Adam Defagio

Age: 18

Nationality: French/Italian

Hair Colour and Hair Type: Shiny, Midnight Black, Shoulder Length (usually wears it in a ponytail. QA99: PONY! DQA99: The weed is not your friend...)

Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown (QA99: Mmmm...chocolate! DQA99: Please God make her shut up.)

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 125 lbs.

Likes: Rock music, cereal, telling jokes

Dislikes: Effeminate people

Adam is Dear's cousin on his father's side. He has his own rock band and seems to enjoy telling jokes. Even though he says he dislikes effeminate people, he likes Dear. *spoiler** He is in love with Dear

"Love is Love" Chapter 1: Sexuality

Written at age: 25

I didn't choose to be this way. Some people think that I do this on purpose. Those people who believe that crap are the ones parading around in the hot sun holding signs that say "God hates fags" or "Aids is a gay disease" or "Fags are going to hell". Yes I am gay. I have been gay since I was a little kid. I didn't choose to be this way. I wasn't molested as a child or "exposed" to other homosexuals or other things that people assume would "turn" a person gay. I didn't live in a family with one mother, dozens of sisters and no father. I didn't dress up in my mother's clothing or wear her make-up or play with dolls and other "girlish" necessities. I guess I should stop ranting and get on with my story. This story is about when I began to realize and embrace my sexuality. This story is not representing all gay men, just myself. The reason I am writing this story is just to give kids hope and tell them that there will always be at least one person in life that will hate you for who you are, but you have to ignore them and love yourself for who you are because you are all UNIQUE.

I was 14 when I began to realize my sexuality. I was also an effeminate, single child. I lived with my French-American businessman father and my Japanese ex-model mother. We lived in Dallas, Texas. I was a quiet kid who liked art (especially drawing) and soft, classical music. I also liked to go to the local bookstore where Alisa's mother worked. I enjoyed reading books about art and I enjoyed sitting at the store-owned cafe and drinking hot, delicious french vanilla lattes. I went to the store nearly everyday and met up with Alisa. She liked going to the bookstore too and reading horror stories and books about computers.

One day, FATE intervened with our meetings and made Alisa sick, so I went to the bookstore alone. After reading for an hour, I walked over to the cafe, found a table and sat down. I was kind of sleepy and I did not feel like ordering anything. As I was about to drift off to sleep, I was interrupted by a deep voice.

"Hey!" I jumped and opened my eyes. At that moment I saw the most beautiful person in the history of the world. The person was a guy with platinum blonde hair and green eyes that were so dark, it was as if I were looking into another dimension. He was also pretty tall, about 5'7'' and he was kind of muscular. He was wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Hey," he repeated again, "Are you okay?" I blinked a few times after realizing that I had been staring at him with glazed eyes. I wasn't sure if it was because I was still tired or because he was so handsome. "I'm fine," I said quietly, "I'm just a little tired I guess." "Oh. Well, um, may I sit here?" he asked politely. I nodded and then he sat down across from me. At that same exact moment my heart started pounding. What's wrong with me, I thought. Why is my heart beating so fast? Is it because of him? No! That can't be right! He is a guy! I can't believe this! I must of caught Alisa's cold or something. As all of these thoughts rushed in my mind, I didn't notice he was asking me a question.

"Hello?" he asked with a confused look on his face. "Oh! Sorry! I'm kinda spaced out today!" I said laughing nervously. I could still feel my heart pounding vigorously and I was becoming sweaty. The boy laughed. His green eyes sparkled as he laughed causing my heart to beat even faster. If he keeps this up, I'm going to have a heart attack. "What's your name?" he asked. I could feel my face growing hot. "Um...my name is....Dear, Dear Tosan." "That's a cool name, I like it. How old are you?" I was kind of nervous and kind of paranoid. I wasn't sure if I should answer the question. He might be a pedophile or something. "I'm fourteen." "Fourteen? That's off da hook! I'm fifteen years old." I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that! HE was fifteen? He looked like a 20-something year old model. "Oh yeah," he said laughing," I forgot to tell you my name! My name is Johnathan Christian and I am new here. I will be going to-"

He was interrupted by a high-pitched female voice. "Johnathan! It's time to go!" I stared at the lady with platinum blonde hair who I assumed was his mother. "Coming mother!" he said. Then he bent over the table and whispered in my ear. "I hope I see you again someday." That comment made me shiver and blush. I watched him run to his mother and walk towards the exit with her. I hope I see you again too, I thought.

When I got home, I heard my mother in the kitchen. She was washing dishes. "Where have you been?" she asked angrily. "I just went to the book store, Mom." She ran a soap-sudded hand through her boyish, short, glossy midnight black hair. "Well you need to tell me that before you leave alright?" I heard the door slam and some footsteps. "Hello honey," he said in a dull, tired tone. He walked towards her and kissed her on the cheek. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Fags," he said. "Everything was going fine until some fags walked by on my way home. They were hugging. It was sick. " I swallowed involuntarily.

Yes, my dad was homophobic. He hated gay people and thought they were all going to hell. His homophobia made it harder for me later on, but let's not get to that and continue the story. "Why do you have to speak so meanly about them?" I asked quietly. Dad spun around and glared at me. "What! Are you defending those perverts? Are you a faggot too?" I tried to answer but my mouth wouldn't move. "Listen! Those kind of people are sick! Don't defend them! They're not human! Do you understand me?!" "No." This made my father's mouth drop and his face turn even redder. He walked over to me and begin shaking me in a blind rage. "Don't give me that crap! I am your father and you will obey me!" Finally Mom intervened. "Stop it Greg! Stop hurting him!" He finally let go of me and I fell to the floor. He was breathing loudly and his face was still red. "Go to your room. You're grounded," he said in a deadly whisper. I opened my mouth to protest, but his angry face made me change my mind. I got up, walked out of the kitchen and cursed under my breath. "What did you say?!" I heard my father ask. "Nothing, sir," I said sarcastically. He didn't hear the sarcasm in my voice, nor see the tears streaming down my cheeks.

I fell on the bed and put the pillow over my head and tried to suffocate myself. I knew that it would never work because when I pass out, my hands will slide off the bed clutching the pillow. I sighed and removed the pillow. Why is Dad so homophobic? Why am I crying? Why- I thought. Suddenly my mind drifted away from the questions and dragged out a picture of the boy I met at the store. I clearly remembered his soft, but dark green eyes and the shiny blonde hair that kept falling over his eyes. My left hand began to drift towards my pants, and then I quickly pulled away after I realized what I was about to do. What's wrong with me? I thought. Why was I thinking about that boy that way? I'm not gay! This must be a phase or something. Maybe it'll go away... I yawned and before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep (Note: DQA99: For all you ppl who think about every little thing and say "that doesn't make sense", he ate his dinner before he went to the book store and he takes his showers in the morning sometimes).

"Oh no! I'll be late for school!" I said after checking the alarm clock and realizing I woke up 15 minutes after I was supposed to. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, took a shower and got dressed. I only had 21/2 minutes (QA99: My, my ain't he a smart man. DQA99: Shut up and let them read the story, stupid) to eat breakfast so I grabbed a cold bagel (QA99: Eew! A cold bagel! DQA99: I'm warning ya...) and left the house. I removed my bike from the drive way and took off on my adventure to school. When I got to school, I looked at the large clock in the commence area and saw that it read 8:15. Good I thought, I won't be late, I thought. School started at 8:25. I ran to my locker, put my book bag away, and grabbed my algebra book. Then I ran to class.

"Alisa! What are you doing here?" I asked. Alisa was sitting in her seat (which was on the left of me) with a tissue pushed up her nose. Her eyes were kind of puffy and her hair was going every which way. She smiled at me weakly. "I feel a little better today." I sighed and sat down. Alisa was the kind of girl who was obsessed with her work and grades. No matter how sick she was or how bad she felt, she hardly missed a day at school. "Good morning class! Dear, you may sit down now," said my teacher, Miss Wandy, as everyone laughed. I blushed and sat down next to Alisa. "Today we have a new student-" said Miss Wandy before she was interrupted by Alisa's hand. "Yes, Alisa?' "Is it a girl or a boy?" "It's a boy and he is very handsome!" The class laughed. Then the tall, comedic teacher turned toward the door. "You can come in now, pretty boy!" The door opened slowly and in emerged a shy-looking teenager with brilliant blonde hair and emerald eyes. "Welcome to our class Mr. Johnathan Christian.

To Be Continued

QA99: Thank you for reading the story! Come back again and look for our new chapter coming soon!