"Jennifer dear, wake up!" Said Jennifer's mother from down the hall. "You don't want to be late for your first day of senior year now do you?"

"No mother!" Said Jennifer in a groggy voice.

Her mother always managed to wake her up right before her alarm would have.

'BEEP,BEEP,BEEP,BE-" The annoying noise stopped as Jennifer slammed her hand down from her bed, which was decorated with flowers that were purple.

Jennifer sat up, and unlike most kids she was happy to go to high school because she was one of the most popular girls at her high school which was called Rocky Road High. As I was saying she was ONE of the most popular girls at high school. The other popular girl was none other than Jennifer's best friend, Rachel. Rachel had brown hair with blue eyes. That was sort of a weird combination, but it sure did look good on Rachel. Jennifer unlike Rachel was not outgoing. She got good grades which also went along with her good looks. She had black hair with brown eyes and was very petite, and Rachel well she was still small but not as small as Jennifer.

Jennifer thought that she looked plain as she looked at herself in the mirror, but as she added a little makeup she looked very lively.

Rachel didn't' have to put on makeup to look lively because she was always playing around with her 7 year old sister and fighting with her 15 year old sisters that were twins (Shelly and Kelly.) Then she was also picked on by her older brother Jason who was 18 years old.

Jennifer was an only child living with her mother all alone because Jennifer's father had died when she was just 2. Sometimes Jennifer felt a pinch of jealousy because Rachel had such a huge happy father, but all that went away when she thought about Brock. Brock was Jennifer's boyfriend who was the starring quarterback for their high school. That thought about Brock put a smile on Jennifer's face.