Cupid's Arrow


"What a freak," Ashley or was it Kerri muttered. I sighed to myself wishing I had paid more attention during the introductions.

"So Eros, how long have you been here?" the girl closest to me asked. I let my eyes roam over her. She was a good four or five inches shorter than me with dark emerald eyes and long curly brown hair. She wasn't exactly a beauty queen but I could definitely see why she was popular with the guys.

"A few weeks," I replied.

"I take it then that you haven't been to visit all the sights yet."

I smirked. If that wasn't a pick up line, I don't know what is. "No, I haven't."

"I could show you around if you like," she offered, giving me a look that told me she wanted to do much more than give me a tour of the town.

"Actually I would," I answered.

"I'll meet you at the front gate after school then."

"I'll be there."

"There's the guys, come on Eros I got helps more people to introduce you to," I heard Mark say.

"I'll see you around," I said before leaving with the youth. As I crossed the room I couldn't help but glance back. When I did I saw the eyes of the brunette still firmly fixed on me, a predatory smile slowly spreading across her lips. Crap, what was her name again?

"The myth of Eros and Psyche is known as the fairytale of Ancient Greece and with good reason to. Unlike many stories present at the time, this was one of the only ones that didn't have a morbid end," Mr. Cambridge, my English teacher, began. "As you know Eros, is the god of love. Like all myths the tale of these two lovers has many variations. I'm not going to bore you with all of them, just the one that is the most consistent."

I rolled my eyes at the girls all wistfully staring off into space, no doubt dreaming about their own prince charming. I leaned back in my seat and began twirling my pen in utter boredom wishing the topic could've been something interesting or at least true.

"The story, like every good fairytale, starts with a beautiful princess, Psyche, whose beauty was said to have rivaled Aphrodite. The people of the kingdom were so awed by her that they began worshiping this young maiden instead of the goddess. Enraged, Aphrodite called upon her winged son Eros to go to Earth and cast a spell upon the girl so that she would fall in love with the most horrifying creature imaginable. Obediently he did as he was told, but as soon as he laid eyes on Psyche he fell in love.

Worried for the fate of their daughter Psyche's parents went to the Oracle at Delphi. To their horror there they were told that they must leave their daughter on top of a mountain to await her bridegroom who was said in the words of Apollo to be, "that terrible tyrant whose jurisdiction extends from heaven to hell" or else risk the safety and wellbeing of their entire kingdom to the tyrant's wrath. Her parents wouldn't have obeyed if Psyche hadn't insisted they do. Though she was beloved by her people and her beauty was known throughout the kingdom; no king, royal youth or plebeian came to demand her hand in marriage. Weary of her lonely existence Psyche accepted the Oracle's words.

When she was alone on the mountain Zephyrus, the evening breeze, brought her to a distant land where a magnificent palace stood. She stayed there with invisible servants who tended to her every wish. It was only when night came that she met her husband. Though she could not see him his gentle words and tender embraces immediately stole her heart. So when he made her promise to never try to look upon him she readily agreed.

Psyche was content with her life but became homesick, at her request her husband allowed her two sisters to visit her. Jealous of Psyche's extravagant lifestyle and riches the two made her believe her husband was a cruel heartless monster that spent his days wrecking havoc upon the outside world.

Wanting to know the truth for herself that night Psyche held a lamp to her husband's face. But instead of the beast her sisters described she found a beautiful winged man beside her. Overwhelmed by her husband's beauty Psyche accidentally spilt a drop of oil on his shoulder, instantly awakening him. Seeing her lack of faith in him as a betrayal Eros disappeared the moment he realized what she did, leaving a heartbroken Psyche alone. Desperate to reunite with her husband Psyche went in search of him, not knowing that he returned to Mount Olympus where his mother tended to his wound and had him guarded so he could not return to Earth.

Finally Psyche decided to go to Aphrodite herself for help, who at the time was furious by the mistreatment of her son. Wanting to punish Psyche she set the girl three impossible tasks. To the goddess ire Psyche amazingly accomplished every single one. Aphrodite then sent the girl one last task to prove herself, which was to descend into Hades and obtain from Persephone enough spray from the Fountain of Youth to restore the beauty of a goddess. Once again Psyche accomplished this task but as she was bringing back the vial her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it. Poisonous fumes enveloped the young girl and she fell into a deathlike stupor. Eros, who by this time had recovered, escaped the guards and at that moment arrived at her side. He restored the fumes back to the vial and with a kiss awakened his bride.

They both ascended into the heavens and in the presence of all the gods, Zeus presented Psyche with a draught of the nectar of immortality, and united the couple in wedlock."

"Who comes up with this crap?"

"Mr. Dipuc, was there something you wanted to say?" the teacher asked.

"No sir," I replied, not realizing I had said that out loud.

"Who comes up with this crap? Wasn't that what you said?"

A little bit warily I nodded.

"Which part of the myth don't you agree with?" the man asked. I remained silent, not daring to answer. As if sensing my thoughts he said, "If you're worried about me taking offence, don't bother. I like it when students question what they've been told. It shows me they're actually thinking. So what is it that bothers you about the story?"

"Everything," I replied.

"Why's that?"

"Goddesses who are the epitome of perfection constantly surround Ero... er... Cupid. Why the hell would he give a lowly mortal even a second glance, especially with all the beauty that constantly surrounds him?"

"Because he's a stupid guy with a dick," someone interrupted.

"Always nice to have your input Miss. Evian," Mr. Cambridge said with a hint of a smile. "Just wouldn't be a day without it."

"I aim to please."

"What's that suppose to mean?" I asked, my eyes narrowing on the girl in the front row.

She turned around and in a know all voice said, "It means that because of the unfortunate sex allocated to him at birth he doesn't exactly think with his brain all the time."

I glared at the girl recognizing her as the weird one from the cafeteria. "He's a god. He doesn't get affected by those kin-"

"Yeah and I'm a monkey's uncle," she sarcastically retorted, interrupting me before I had a chance to finish. "Zeus is a womanizing old geezer, Hera is a jealous wife with a husband who doesn't know the meaning of holding out, and Aphrodite is a vain woman who sees it fit to punish others for being prettier than her. If these aren't human characteristics, then you tell me what is?"

Who the hell does she think she is? I angrily thought trying my hardest to kept my composure.

"Cat got your tongue," she teased.

"No, your stupidity just amazed me to silence," I spat, not doing a very good job at keeping my cool.

"Ow, poor baby," she cooed with a pout. "Can't win the battle so decided to resort to petty name calling."

"Do you think this myth is true Thera?" Mr. Cambridge quickly asked, obliviously trying to prevent the discussion from getting heated.

She shrugged and said, "I just think that all myths and legends are derived from some truth."

"Well this one has absolutely no truth to it," I snapped.

"How would you know, pretty boy?" she questioned.

"Because I do," I retorted.

Before she could say another word the bell rang. Still glaring at her I picked up my books noticing that she was also looking at me, only that she was smiling. When I had gathered everything I headed for the door, unfortunately having to past her on the way out.

"You'll make a great addition to the football team. You already have the arrogance, intelligence level and bravado required," she said.

"Freak," I found myself muttering.

"Oh stop, you're going to make me blush," she gushed.

With a roll of my eyes I made my way out. It had been only one day and already I was wishing I could go home. When I got to my locker I quickly took out my bag and slammed it shut. Just as I was about to go I noticed a note stuck on the door, one that hadn't been there earlier. I pulled it off and letting my eyes scan over the familiar scrawling, made my way out.

'Hey Cuppy,
You should be meeting your new assignment right about... now.'

Just as I read the last word I felt a body crash right into me sending the both of us to the ground with a loud thud. Though I didn't see who it was, one thing was for sure, whoever crashed into me was definitely a girl. I slowly looked up and found myself inwardly groaning.

"You've got to be kidding me."