Realm of The Four Moons Prolouge

Senna, and her friends walked through the silent forest. No light in the pitch black darkness besides the bright shining moon, and the shimmering stars. Then, she caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye. She sharply turned her head to look at the odd looking object. It seemed to be a large rock with something carved into it. Senna was so busy looking at it, she didn't notice her friends Jane, and Susie twenty feet infront of her. "Hey Senna!" Jane shouted. "Hurry up!" Susie added. "You guys go ahead!" Senna insisted. "I'll catch up in a minute, meet me at the tree fort!" Senna said. She slowly walked closer to the suspicous looking object. She gazed at the inscription engraved into the large rock. It read:

When the full moon shines down on the lake of Aswara

The four shining shafts in each corner of the lake reflect an image on the lake

It makes is seem as if four moons are shining down on the Aswara

This spectacular sight opens the gateway to the Realm of The Four Moons

Senna was intrigued by this letter. Her curiousity was running wild. She knew it wasn't a good idea to find if this note was telling the truth. But she couldn't hold herself back. Her feet sprang from the ground. She leaped forward. Then jetted off running towards the lake of Aswara. When she arrived, the process has already begun. She waited there for 15 minutes but nothing happened. She was beginning to think this was just some prank from one of the guys at school. So Now she had room for other thing in her head. Then she remembered her friends! "Oh no!" She mumbled under her breath. She turned around, and was just about to high tail it out of there when she heard a noise. She quickly turned around to see what was happening. The images of the four moons started to swirl together forming a cyclone. The vortex sucked Senna inside it's awesome spinning portal. The next thing she knew she was in a whole different universe. She looked up in the sky, and saw four moons in the sky. At that point, she knew she was in the Realm of The Four Moons.................