Ain't We Clever                                      December

"Ain't we clever?" I say

So many wonderful, modern inventions!

Guns to kill

With just the pull of a finger

Cars which guzzle fuel

And bring us lung-cleansing smog

And, oh, those additives!

We have red dye from tar

Dye from cow piss too.

Those scientists work hard to arrange chemicals, so they taste just right.

Our good old American food companies don't craft food

They damn well manufacture it!

Cigarette companies sell us food

Oh, Phillip Morris,

You sound so innocent, with a sweet name


We will never forget what you really are

Such progress and great things

I am surprised we can contain our joy.

Just imagine…


For our hyper stressed lives on the go

Oh, I need to catch some extra zzz's

Gotta have it- what? The latest craze

It is mandatory, y'know

I want to proclaim our great industrial progress

Somehow, my voice pauses. 


A/N: No disclaimer…this is me the anti-consumer, writing little a rant like poem. Of course, I realize not everything in this world is evil….but face it, we have problems. Americans are supplied with sweat shop made clothing, or at least a lot of them are, we over consume and stick the trash in landfills. Where, they sit. And hardly change at all. Yeah, I hope you liked my poem, wanted to rant and make you guys think. I am simply citing a few things I think are problematic…

    Oh, for yer information, Altria is the corporation formerly known as Phillip Morris, and owns Post, Kraft, Jell-O, and some others. I have seen reports that Gap uses sweatshops. That latest craze bit was about the newest fashion or game you have to have…then it sits lonely in the closet a year later, forgotten. 

   Thanks for reading! Comments would be mucho appreciated! Even constructive criticism is fine by me.                    ~Tori