Hidden Trust Within the Enemy

Started: December 3, 2002


*Carmen's POV*

"Arg! What the hell?!" I screamed in frustration and anger throwing a glass cup against the wall. On impact, it shattered before me. Pieces fell fast and scattered along the uneven floor. The biggest piece was not large than a quarter. I reached for it and tears started falling fast. I tried to choke back my sobs, but it was useless. All the pain and confusion that was bottled up within me fell apart. I huddled up into a ball with my knees against my chest and let my tears all as they willed. I just sat there crying my heart out, feeling alone. I noticed through my tears that blood was trickling down my hand, and saw it was from the sharp piece of glass in my hand. I only sobbed harder because the cup was like my heart. It was shattered, broken, and aching in pain. Right there, I decided to give up my life and let my blood spill. Perhaps if I'm not alive, I won't have to bare any more pain. I took the glass roughly and dragged it across my wrist. I watched the blood spill from the jagged cut. I closed my eyes slowly and let my life slip away.

Chapter 1 (senior year of highschool): A New Start

The sun shined brightly on my vitamin-deprived hair. It was tangled and thin. My eyes squinted in the sunlight, which only showed my eye bags. Ugh, I look so ugly.I don't deserve it, do I? I looked out the window. My surrounding was blurred by the fast moving car. A lone tear managed to fall. I quickly wiped it away in disgust. Why are you so weak! You're not like this. I told myself, but I slowly drifted back to my depressing self. Why me? I didn't do anything to deserve it. I just wanted someone. A friend..or maybe a bit more than friendship. I thought sadly. If only I could change the past. I retured my gaze to the window and let the world pass me by. I have nothing to lose but life, right? But didn't I already try that?

I asked the taxi drive to stop, and I stepped out onto the curb and looked at the building before me. The building was worn out and paint peeling off the way. I guess you could say this is my home. Actually it is a hideout where I attain inner peace before I go back home.

Dodging loose roots and twigs, I made my way around the building and through a winding path. In a few minutes, I arrived at a clearing. A lushish green filled area. The grass felt soft underneath my bare feet. Mmmm..I'm glad I didn't wear shoes. I put my journal onto the rock next to me. I laid down and relaxed my eyes under the sun. I let the light breeze cascade over me. I felt at peace here, like my troubles couldn't follow me here.

How wrong I was to believe that.

A/N: sorry for such a short prolouge/chap 1.