'-' = thoughts

"-" = Outloud

*-* = "The Voice"


To say Odin liked books, would be an understatement. Odin loved books. They were his passion. He lived and breathed books. He practically lived in the library, and if he couldn't be there, he was usually locked in his room. Which, was a shame really. Odin was an attractive young man. Long ebony tresses, accented against his porcelain white skin and shock yellow eyes. Unfortunately, he was also rather frail and dainty looking, which often had him mistaken as a woman. Personally, I think he's rather easy on the eyes.

Ah, yes. "I." I am of little importance at this point in our story, but later, I will make my presence known. more so than I have now.

Now, Odin didn't think his love for books would have a negative impact on his life. I'm not just talking about the distance he placed between himself and the world, but something much more sinister.

But, enough set up. This is where our story really begins: in a bookstore, of course.

I promise, from this point in, I'll be a good narrator and be omniscient. Well, more or less.

^^^"New World" by Do As Infinity^^^

So, as I said the story takes place in a bookshop. It's a small shop, with only six bookcases, and no shopkeeper in sight. Each case almost went as high as the ceiling, and were full of large, musty, a word here which means "old and smelly", books. Despite this, Odin was not pleased.

Odin stared morosely at the selection of books. He had hoped the store would offer more, the way Marcus had described it had set up some high expectations in Odin's mind.

'Well, that was my first mistake,' he thought 'high expectations = disappointment.'

"So, what do you think?" Marcus asked as he came up beside our foxy protagonist. What? You honestly didn't think Odin was completely friendless, did you? Don't be a cretin. Odin isn't that stupid. Besides, he was seventeen now, and grown up to be really good looking, and more people than just myself have noticed. Oops. Won't happen again, I swear.

"There isn't much to look at, is there?" He said hardly turning his head to acknowledge his friend's presence.

"Well, it's not the selection I like, it's the variety. Look, some of these books come from Asia," he gestured vaguely to a small bookcase close to the back.

Odin decided to investigate this claim himself, and walked over with Marcus in tow.

"See?" Marcus said as he grabbed a book. "I think this one's Chinese," he said as he examined the spine.

Odin was paying little attention to his friend's words. His eyes trailed the bookcase with little interest. But. but some how, he felt a small compulsion. As though there was something he needed to find. He usually had a similar feeling when trying to find a favourite book. His eyes caught on a thick green spine located on the top shelf.

"What's this one?" Odin asked, as he pulled the book from the shelf.

"Eh?" Marcus peered closely at the faded green hardcover. "That one? Beats me. Never seen it before," He looked closer at the faded print that may once have been a title. "Doesn't look like a language I recognize."

Odin couldn't help but feel. pulled to this particular book. He opened the cover carefully.

"Hey." Marcus stared at the messy print "this looks like it was hand written."

"What language is it?" Odin said, gesturing at the strange symbols on the page. "Are these Greek letters?"

"Don't think so. These almost look. like runes."

"What?" Odin looked up from the book for the first time. "Runes? How do you know?"

He shrugged. Odin began to flip the pages. Each yellowed page was filled with the strange language. He continued until he came across-


Yes, pictures. Sketchy line and ink pictures. One showed a young man, possibly twenty or so, with long black hair tied at the back of his head. He leaned against a tree, with a flute looking object to his lips, his eyes closed with concentration.

The other was far too blurry to make out. Odin could just make out a lone figure standing off in the distance. Odin paid far more attention to the first picture, however. Something seemed. vaguely familiar about it.

"Hey." Marcus broke into his revere, "Do you hear music?"

Odin strained his ears to hear a rather soft melody.

"Odd." he muttered. He turned to Marcus, but his friend was staring beyond him.

"The. the book," his voice was hushed with awe.


Marcus said nothing further. His eyes seemed distant.

Odin looked at him quizzically and returned his gaze to the book. He quickly discovered why Marcus was suddenly speechless. The book was glowing. It felt suddenly warm in his hands. He dropped it to the floor.

"We need to get out of here," Odin's voice quivered as he spoke. "Marcus?"

Marcus didn't respond. Instead he knelt down next to the glowing object.

"Marcus," Odin glanced nervously around the shop, "Come on, we need to go."

No response.

The music had become louder now, loud enough for Odin to recognize the instrument as a piccolo.

"Marcus!" He said, quickly losing his patientce. "Enough! Let's go!"

Finally, Marcus stood up. Odin felt relief, but it was short lived. Marcus' eyes were glowing as the book did. His face was expressionless.

Odin watched in mute terror as his friend moved slowly towards him. The book had a powerful aura to it. Flame like whisps licked and grasped at their new puppet.

Marcus grabbed and held Odin with little problem, clamping one hand over his mouth, muffling his screams. The flames grasped for him. Odin felt his wrists tingle as two wisps wrapped around them.

*I'll never understand how you could resist me before*

An unfamiliar voice spoke in Odin's mind, just audable over the now painful music. His wrists burned.

'Surely someone hears.?'

His head spun as the world lurched around him. Tears of pain stung his eyes. The music warped.


He writhed helplessly in his friend's grasp.


He felt hot breath against his neck, as Marcus' whispered in his ear:

"No more resisting."

*Return to me, my pet.*

Odin whimpered. His energy drained from his body, he slumped against his captor. His world faded. His mind closed.

^Don't worry.^

A new voice now.

^Everything will be alright.^


Yay! A new story!

This is an idea I've been kicking around for sometime now. I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I'd like to take a moment to introduce an idea I've been working on. I'm sure people are just as sick of seeing "I suck at summaries, just read it" as a summary for a story, so I figure, why not do something about it?

My idea is to have a group of people to write summaries for people who can't. The client would send the first chapter or a long-ish summary of their story, and the person would write a summary for ff.n.

If anyone's interested just e-mail me at: goldenjupiter@hotmail.com

Everything, but the song, are copyright: me.