It would have been two years today. I wonder if you even noticed.

Two years ago today was the pile of gauzy wings, fake eyelashes, spray painted hair and pretty boys dressed up to look like pretty girls. Or you were anyways. The other boys should probably have stuck as being boys. But you looked slim and the tight skirt revealed you actually had a cute butt, not that I care about butts. There was a pile on the bed as we watched Sleepy Hollow and it somehow happened that you ended up with your platinum wig decked head on my rib cage and your strong hand on my tummy.

And that was how it was. I remember trying not to breathe to heavily . So my stomach didn't rise and fall too much. And somehow I liked how your body felt next to mine. And I suddenly looked at you as more than my skinny short freckled friend. I was in your beautiful house with the beautiful smells. Your mom talked about your old girlfriends and it made me wonder what it was like to come over and be a part of your beautiful life. I flirted incessantly with your best friend that night. Trying to hide me feelings for you. Or maybe I liked him, I don't' really remember anymore anyways.

But it was cold and we ran from house to house with pretty flowered pillowcases opened and mine chocolate bars dropped in. I remember one house gave me a tiny single knarled carrot. It's still somewhere on my shelf but its hard now, and shriveled and brown.

It was chilly and we were walking through a parking lot. I think we were cutting through to another street. Or maybe we were heading home. But I called you a girl's name because of your costume. And you said "hey girlfriend!" or something, then laughed. Then our arms were around each other walking through the cool crisp night with fairy wings, gold and black eyelashes, a shirt of heroes and a long red cape, arm in arm with a pretty platinum prepubescent freckled slim blond. Tight shirt complete with stuffed bra. Was a moment sticking completely in my mind. Arm in arm on that starlit night. Wondering what dreams would come, knowing that despite everything – something special would happen between us.

My tail swishing behind me as I walked, my gauze wings flapping, your heels clip clopping, blond hair in the wind, and my hand on your skinny shoulder.

I wonder if you noticed what day it was today.