when she first saw him
his face struck her like the surprise of a snowfall during the night
seen from the window at dawn.
something about him sang of lonely tree branches in november
when the day is gray and the wind is cold
and the sky is pink with morning.
Those shivering brown trees seemed something indescribably beautiful to her
as the cold spoke of coming January
and the dull colors of the world were breathing with the breath of a time long past.
the smell of the wooded cold reminded her of old houses
and books written in another century.
His face was as fresh as the rosy sky of winter
sparse and icily beautiful.
When he walked past her in the plumed-breath cold
her dark green eyes met his icy gray ones
and he smiled.

Everyday through the bare trees she would run
to her hidden spot in the wintry brown
and watch his face as he walked past
hearing the crunch of his boots in the gritty snow
and the wine red of his long coat
the frozen wind sifting his blonde hair
pale and unvibrant as the winter sky.
Thus she loved him.

One day at school she saw him
the halls seemed struck silent
and all she could hear was his breath
pluming the air as he passed
and his slow step.
Suddenly he stopped, next to her
and looked into her dark eyes.
He smiled
"I've seen you around a lot
I think we have English together
what's your name?"
She smiled back at him
and her dark hair falling about her shoulders
pale as ebony wood in winter grain
charmed him.
The next day they walked to school together.

One day weeks after, a fierce winter storm darkened the pale sky
and sent flurries of snow hurling down
burying the world in white.
She waited for him at the corner
but he did not come.
The sky was dark, and it grew late
still she waited in the silent street.
snow alighted upon her hair
and her skin grew fiercely white
her rosy cheeks stood out against the white charmingly.
All at once she was running,
running and calling his name.
Her feet whished softly in the new snow
and the dark trees were decked in white
the whole world was lost in white.
She finally slowed
And stopped.
She fell to her knees in the white
drifts of snow covering her head and shoulders
she looked like an angel.
Suddenly she realized she was at her hidden spot
and crawled in under the glittering trees
lying down there in the snow and staring up as the fairy drifts came down
the world seemed an enchanted forest
and she the icy princess there
one with the cold, at home among the silver trees

Suddenly she heard a voice
calling her name
she sat up, and looked about
realizing she was almost covered in snow
The cold had made her drowsy, and she could barely feel her hands
Through the snow came the sound of a step
and she saw his vivid red coat through the white
She called his name, overjoyed
He spotted her, and fell to his knees in the snow beside her
The silence was too great for words
and his eyes spoke volumes
He took her in his arms there in the silver forest
and kissed her blue frosty lips
and held her tight.
Her cheeks were bright with cold
and she seemed crowned with the roses of winter.