The night is in its prime
sparkling and looming large in the shadows
of loneness, and oneness with oneself.
The dog sleeps curled at the bed's end
damp with the midnight teal of sleep
glistening softly like the bottom of the ocean
of the magic swirl of color in a shell's womb.
The music flows softly and lost as the sea
wandering like the vast silence beneath the waves
and the curious darkness below.
Shimmers of light tantalize the
eye, a flash of starlight off fish's scales
or the strange light that glows through the gloom on the ocean floor
alighted softly like the vastness of the night sky
cushioning the sea's contours
pulsing eerily from the limitless depths
like the will'o'the wisp of the sea
like moonlight on a mermaid's shoulders.
and the sea of music looms large
tossed in midnight storms
and settling, settling under the moon into silence.

It is late at night, and sleep does not come