Minagoshi.minagoshi, hitori mo.nokosane.


Flesh twists, bones grate transforming, muscles spasm and the body shudders.

Is it broken? It is alive? Why has the dead undergone metamorphosis? Why break!?!!

Long fingers claw at the floor, a newborn's breath labor to breathe. She coughs, sputters and retches a black bloody mess on the floor, a crazed mantra on her lips, the first words spoken by the other end of the balance.

"I can't believe you.I can't believe you." Her shoulders twitch as her body lurched backwards, spine arched, limbs like a puppet on strings. "I can't believe you."

Her head lolled around, long black bangs cover the ebony eyes that smoldered beneath them. "I can't believe you..I can't believe you! You.you."

Legs slid out from under the figure clad in black, the silver blocks on her shirt gleaming in the darkness. "You.you weren't supposed to touch.I.I."

The newborn stood, staggering, the first steps to the end of the world. "We.are.NO!" Mouth opened in a feral scream.

The balance has been broken and She lets her fury known as her scream ripples across the earth in turbulent pulses returning the mother to her infantile stage.

The flora snakes and rages across the municipalities of the world, finally attacking their casual assassins. A revolution of the animal kingdom.

Leveled, cities, homes and the sticky electronic web is ripped apart as the Other End of the Balance watches.

"You.you IDIOTS! Have you realized! HAVE YOU REAL~IZED WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!" Each step taken reverberates like a tremor.

She walks where her feet tell her to go.

Just because the Brighter End of the Balance has been torn away?


Let's begin.the killing time.