Total Slaughter...Total Slaughter...I won't leave a single man alive...


Long fingers threaded through pitch-black hair that hung over the face of a shuddering woman, her screams shook the ruined buildings of what was left of the prosperous city. She whipped her head to and fro so violently it seemed for a second that she would rip it clean off.

What number of the population was left watched her from afar, the tall entity swayed back and forth as she clutched her head. This monster appeared soon after the quiet and unexpected apocalypse.

It had been a year since the Flora Revolution.

She lifted her head; cold gray eyes glared through her fingers at the people huddled in the rubble. "I'm..." her body shuddered, trying to keep herself in control. "looking for a man..."

The frightened citizens poked their heads up from behind the broken slabs of concrete.

"Uh, okay...can you be more specific?" One young man spoke up fearfully but his mother pulled him out of the woman's sight before She could answer him.

One long leg dragged itself in front of the other toward the crowd. "I don't know...he's stolen something important..."

The mass of humans shrunk further back into the tunnel they had made.

"He has other women...but he's stolen The Other." Her fingerless-gloved hand reached out for them. Her muscles started to spasm once again and that crazed look snapped back on her face. "He's stolen Eternity! He's stolen Eternity! HE'S STOLEN ETERNITY!!"

The people started to scream as her body fluidly dropped into a crouched position, like a large wild cat; knuckles dragging on the ground she lunged at the nearest person. Teeth bared at the poor young man who tried to help her before she lowered her face to his. "Where is the Fraternity of the Red Curtain!?!!" She yelled hoarsely at him.

"I-I don't know! I don't know what it is!!!" He cried.

"YOU LIAR!" She screamed and brought the heel of her palm down on the bridge of his nose, over and over again; splattering blood everywhere as she pulled her arm back for another strike. His mother wept and wailed as she watched this monster transform her only son's head into an indefinable pulp of red.

The Other End of the Balance dragged herself off the boy's lifeless body and toward the mother, the offspring's blood dripped from her long bangs and onto the fountain from which it sprung. Her voice was calm and nonchalant as she asked the mother the same question.

"Where is the Fraternity of the Red Curtain?"

The woman shook her head fearfully and the Other End of the Balance glared down at her.

"Animal...where is it? Where the Fraternity of the Red Curtain?" Long bloodstained fingers reached out for her.

"Out in the desert..." A voice answered, the woman in black stopped reaching for the mother and turned slowly.

"Which one animal?" She growled as she licked the back of one her fingers, cleaning it of the crimson fluid.

A man stood in front of her grasping a warped lead pipe "I don't know..." He frowned. "I just know it's in a desert...I tell you the truth...just please...spare my wife."

She let her hand drop to the side her eyes examined him slowly, weighting his honesty. "Fine...I believe you."

His shoulders relaxed. "Thank you..."

The mother's body shook with each suppressed sob as she curled up into a fetal position, crying for her lost boy. "David...oh David..."

The Other End of the Balance glanced back down at her with a calm look frozen on her face. Quietly she kneeled before the woman and her head in her hands, forcing the mother to look into her eyes. "I am responsible for what I've done and will do..."

The puzzled mother raised an eyebrow at her words but it all suddenly made sense as the sickening snap announced her newly broken neck.

The man watched mutely as his wife's body fell to the floor, dead before she even hit the cold ground. "Why!?!!" He bellowed at the creature who stood up slowly, never taking her eyes off the fresh kill.

She turned coolly to face him, the long, blood-soaked bangs curtaining her eyes. "Thank you..." She reached out for him so gently that it belied her true intent.

He swung at her but she had already slipped the pipe out of his grasp. In a flurry of black he fell back painfully a gaping hole torn in his chest that flowed with the familiar red fluid. "Sandra...David..." He choked out through the blood that burbled up in his mouth.

With a clatter the Other End of the Balance threw the pipe aside. "...I relieve you..."

"Why!?!!" Came the familiar question from one of the spectators.

"...I'm after the Brighter End...let it be known." And she left leaving bloody footsteps in her wake.


Translation for 'Minagoshi' at the top of the story.