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From the Start

I came out of darkness.

Into the light.

But the darkness plagued me.

From the start.

I was wrapped in a cloud.

Made of darkness untold.

And I was shunned.

From the start.

They all turned their backs.

Like I was a slug.


Ignored from the start.

I was hated and feared.

Like evil threefold.


Unloved from the start.

I had no-one close.

They all turned away.


Alone from the start.

So that when darkness called.

I had nothing left.

I ignored.

What I was told from the start.

And I grew attached.

And fell deeper

into the

dark than I was from the start.

I began to learn.

What no-one else did.

What they.

Had ignored from the start.

That dark wasn't wrong.

Or evil, or mean.

And it hadn't been.

From the start.