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The only reason Kit rode the bus home every day was because she didn't want all of her friends to know she was filthy rich. She knew she could brag and become very high on the social ladder, but she didn't want to. She wanted people to like her for who she was, not by how much money she had. (Now I know this is starting to get realy corny, but hold on it gets a little better.) Anyways she had lots of friends now. Even though they were all a bit crazy she still conscidered them as much of her family as she did her actual parents.
Kit had no brothers or sisters, just a dad who was always wanting her to go out with one of his buisness assosciets' sons. She really didn't mind that much anymore. She knew that he only wanted the best for her, but the fact that none of them were cute didn't make matters any easier.
Then there was her mom. she was never there and when she was she always wanted Kit to act like a "lady." this is even though in Kit's mind she always acted like one. Her mother is a former cheerleader, the totall opposite of herself who was a band nerd and proud of it.
Kit was jerked away from her thoughts when she almost ran into her front door. As she turned the key in the lock she spotted a jet-black limo that she hadn't noticed befofe. This was not unusual, for her father was always bringing home some of his buisness assosciets (and their sons.) The only thing different, the thing Kit didn't notice, was the way the headlights glowed and how the doors had special carvings on them. These things had more to do with the way this whole story could turn out than one could ever imagine.
"Good day my lady."
" Good day Jeoffery," Kit answered back to Jeoffery, their butler.
"How was your day?"
"Fine, I suppose. What has the cat dragged in this time?"
"Oh just Mr. Jamison and his son."
"Is he cute"
"Who Mr. Jamison or his son?" inquired, a look of sheer amusement on his face.
" Oooh yeah I wanna look at some guy 30 years my senior and see if he has a cute butt. His son, duh."
"Ah yes, he is quite stunning. Yes indeed." He acted as if he wasn't completely sure but he agreed with himself anyway.
"In some odd way I don't believe you, but I suppose I shall have a look for myself."
And with that Kit marched off to meet the people who would change her life forever.

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