Hi.  This haiku has haikus for verses.  It's not a new concept, but I want to use it.

It's been some time since I dared

Fall into the void

It's been some time since I cared

For the love of happiness

It's okay right now

Because I no longer care

Seasons pass me by, and I

Stare indifferently

At the hundred thousand lies

I used to cry I used to

I used to pity

Why are my feelings long gone?

Where and how did they escape?

Did they float away?

With the wind of endless time?

Or leave with my misery

In mind of hatred

Don't bother to tell me why

It doesn't matter to me

Anymore, so I

Stare at the wall

Wondering what is missing

In the blank page that

Is the meaningless sketch I

Will never be able to

Add color and life

Onto my gray, fading world